Remembering Woodstock 43 Years Later - Day Three: Sunday August 17, 1969

Sunday August 17, 1969

330PM: JOE COCKER (with the Grease Band)- Delta Lady-Somethings Going On- Lets Get Stoned- I Shall Be Released- With A Little Help From My Freinds
Joe Cocker Opens the Third & Final Day. It's still sunny out and as soon as he finishes his set, the skies open up with another torrential thunder storm. Wind gusts were reported at over 40 mph and the rain lasted about two hours. The equipment had to be protected and the crowd was urged to find shelter. Unfortuantley there wasn't much shelter any where. The crowd amused themselves by starting their own music, performing the famous Rain Chants.
800 PM: Country Joe & the Fish- Rock & Soul Music- Thing They Call Love- Barrys Caviar Dream- Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine- Love Machine- Fish Cheer (Feel Like I'm Dying To Fix A Rag)
Country Joe McDonald had played an acoustic set, sans the Fish on Day Two. The West Coast Band were big political protesters at the time and a poular rock act.

900 PM: TEN YEARS AFTER- Good Morning Little School Girl- Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes- I May Be Wrong- I'm Going Home

Alvin Lee a guitar virtuoso who was called the fastest guitarist of his time put on one of the best performances of the weekend as the band did an eleven plus minute masterpiece of I'm Going Home.

1030 PM: THE BAND- Chest Fever- Tears of Rage- We Can Talk- Dont You Tell Henry- Dont Do It- Aint No More Cane- Long Black Veil- This Wheels On Fire- I Shall be Released- The Weight- Loving You (Is Sweeter Than Ever)

The Band were Bob Dylans backing band since 1965 and resided in the actual town of Woodstock. Home to their famous Music From Big Pink (album) recorded in the little Pink House which still stands today. They didn't appear on the Woodstock album or in the movie because their manager felt their fee was too small.

Midnight: Johnny Winter- Mama Talk To Your Daughter- Six Feet In the Ground- To Tell the Truth- Johnny B. Goode- Leland Mississippi Blues- Rock Me Baby- Mean Mistreater- I Cant Stand It & Tobacco Road (with his brother Edgar Winter)- Mean Town Blues

130 AM: BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS- All In A Day- More & More- I Love You Baby More Than You'll Ever Know- Spinning Wheel- I Stand Accused- Somethings Coming On

BST were hot in 1969 with two husge hits. They were a contrast to the guitar rock of Day Three with their horn section & Jazz style. Al Koooper had leftthe band by Woodstock & David Clayton Thomas was belting out vocals.
400 AM: CROSBY, STILLS , NASH & YOUNG- (Acoustic CSN) Suite: Judy Blue Eyes-Blackbird- Helplessly Hoping- Guinnevere- Marrakesh Express- 4+20-

(Stills, Young acoustic) Mr. Soul- I'm Wondering- You Dont Have To Cry- (Electric) Pre Road Downs- Long Time Gone- Bluebird- Sea of Madness- Wooden Ships (acoustic CSNY) Find the Cost of Freedom- 49 Bye Byes

Another one of the best performances of the Festival. CSNY had came from big groups; The Byrds (Crosby), Buffalo Springfield (Stills & Young), The Hollies (Nash). They had formed as one of the first supergroups and were riding high with a top album. Everyone was anxious to see them live, musicians & the crowd, it was only their second live gig. They were nervous but were sensational, securing their legendery status.

530 AM: Paul Butterfield Blues Band- Everythings Gonna Be Alright- Driftin' Blues- Born Under A BAd Sign- All My Love Comin'-Love March
730 AM: ShA NA NA- Sha Na Na Theme-Yakitey Yak- Teen Angel- Jailhouse Rock- Wipe Out- The Book of Love- Duke of Earl- At The Hop- Na Na Theme

The next to last act before Jimi, Sha NaNa was a strange surprise. The remainder of the crowd dint know how to react, but the group won them over during the set.

1030 AM: JIMI HENDRIX (aka: Gypsy Sons & Rainbows)- Message To Love- Hear My Train A Coming/ Getting My Heart Back- Spanish Castle Magic- Red House- Master Mind- Here He Comes- Foxey Lady- Jam Back at the House- Izabella- Gypsy Woman- The Star Spangled Banner- Purple Haze- Improv- Villa Nova Junction- Hey Joe

Jimi closes out the Festival with a two hour set on Monday morning to a crowd of only about40,000 to 60,000 left overs. His manager insisted he end the show, hence the early morning set. He recieved the most money of any artist at the Festival, estimated at $35,000. The average salary in America in 1969 was $7000. His now legendery performance was highlighted by his rendition of he Star Spangled Banner which spoke for the generation!!


Anonymous said…
I was there only on Sunday. I was trying to recall these bands, but only remember seeing 10 Years After and Blood Sweat & Tears. I spent a lot of time in trails that had lights strung up. I twas like a flea market of vendors selling everything from acid to hand crafts.There was a soup kitchen set up in there giving away onion soup and bread. We were all hungry tired and stoned. Well that's my memories of Woodstock.

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