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The First "Queens Baseball Convention" - A Big Hit At Citi Field

It was a great day at the First ever Queens Baseball Convention, in McFadden's Restaurant & Saloon at Citi Field. A huge success for friend & the main organizer; Shannon of the Mets Police. Good job to all those involved in organizing the event & all those who participated in the festivities. Former Mets Pitcher & Broadcaster Ron Darling A great day to celebrate Mets baseball, past & present. Mets legends; Ron Darling & Ed Kranepool were the stars of the day. They told stories, posed for pictures & signed autographs. All Time Met Legend: Ed Kranepool Various Bloggers held discussion panels & hosted presentations. A few Mets executives also participated in a panel chat with the Mets Police Chief himself.       The Mascots were there as well, a big cheer went up as Mr. Met made a grand, much anticipated entrance. Sandy the Brooklyn Cyclones Seagull & King Henry from Coney Island's Mets A Ball team, were both on h

Former Italian / American Player: Bob Ramazzotti (1946/ 1948-1953)

Bob Ramazzotti was born on January 16th, 1917 in Elanora Pennsylvania. The five foot eight, right hand hitting infielder graduated from high school & played local city ball. There he was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1940. He would have some setbacks before reaching the major leagues. First he went off to serve in World War II for three years from 1942-1945, serving as a sergeant in the Army's infantry division. In 1946 he was brought up to the Brooklyn Dodgers when Cookie Lavagetto got inured & remained on the club when Eddie Stanky got injured. He made his debut in a game against the New York Giants as a defensive replacement on April 20th 1946. He hit just .208 that year in 62 games, as the Dodgers finished second to the Cardinals by two games. Then in 1947, while playing minor league ball he suffered a severe beaning that affected the rest of his career. During a night game in Columbus Ohio, he was hit in the temple with a fast ball & lie on the field f

Remembering The Professor & Reuben Kincad Upon Their Passing....

On occasion centerfieldmaz features special articles on classic pop culture (music or TV) from my days of growing up. Today we remember two actors from two legendary classic TV shows. Russell David Johnson was born November 10, 1924 in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He was a graduate of Girard College, in Philadelphia, a private school for orphans. He served as a lieutenant in the Air Force during World War II winning a Purple Heart, as well as three other Medals & a Ribbon, for bravery. After the war he attended acting school, met his first wife Kay Levey & became close friends with Audie Murphy. Early on in the fifties he appeared in Westerns & Sci Fi films such as; Law & Order (with Ronald Regan) Loan Shark (with George Raft) It Came From Outer Space (with Barbra Rush) & Attack of the Crab Monsters. On television he appeared on legendary shows as a guest such as; Superman, the Californians, the Outer Limits, Black Saddle, Lassie, Iron side, Death Valley D