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Mets 50th Anniversary

The Mets are trying to please us a with a celebration of thier 50th anniversary. There is a new 50th anniversary logo, plus an updated white pinstripe uniforms. They are dropping the black uniforms & plain whites, except for a few certain days. They will have special Mets alumni events & updates at the Mets museum. Now if they can just win some more games.  from the Flushing Flash : Logo The Mets 50th Anniversary logo incorporates the basic elements of the original blue and orange skyline logo, which was introduced 50 years ago today, with gold accents in celebration of the franchise's golden anniversary. The logo will be affixed to player jerseys on the left sleeve, replacing the primary logo for the anniversary season, and on the back of blue game caps. Uniforms The Mets this coming season will wear new home pinstripe, white and road grey uniforms reflecting the look of the original uniforms from their inaugural season. The black dropshadow will be removed from th

Concert Review: John Fogerty at Seminole Hard Rock Casino- Hollywood, Florida

I had a great chance to see an awesome show at my home away from home in South Florida. It began with a fantastic dinner at Matoranos (yo cuz), expensive but definitely worth the price from the ricotta gnocchi down to the unbelievable Philly Cheesesteak!!! You might know celebrity chef Steve Matarano as "the Italian American Cook" from South Philadelphia. The 5500 Hard Rock seat concert hall is located just across from the restaurant. If you've never been to the Hollywood Florida Seminole Hard Rock Casino it's Florida at its best, an outdoor concourse leading to all the restaurants , bars & casino area.With beautifal weather & alot of kool people it was a great start to a great evening. The show began a bit late, as we settled in to our 18th row (center) seats. An reved up John Fogerty hit the stage with a lot of energy & excitement, running all about to make sure he greeted all sides of his audience. He kept this level up all night, and never let up