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Former Mets Hitting Coach: Dave Engle (2001-2002)

Ralph David Engle was born on November 30th, 1956 in San Diego California. The six foot three, right hand hitting Engle began his career as an outfielder but was converted over to a catcher.  He attended the University of Southern California & won championships on the baseball & football teams in his junior year. In 1978 he was selected as a third round pick of the California Angels. In 1979 Engle was sent to the Minnesota Twins along with Ken Landreaux in exchange for Hall of Famer; Rod Carew. With the Twins he was a team mate of his brother in law; Tom Brunansky. By 1981 he was an outfielder for the Twins hitting .258 with 5 Hrs 14 doubles & 32 RBIs. He came in fifth in the AL Rookie of the Year voting.   In 1982 he was the first player to hit a HR in the new Metro Dome Stadium. Two years later in 1983, Engle was fully transformed into a catcher, he played in a career high 120 games, hitting a career best .305 with 8 HRs 22 doubles & 43 RBIs. In 1984 he made

The Legend of New York Giants Outfielder: Moonlight Grahm (1905)

Archibald "Moonlight" Graham was born on  November 12th, 1877 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Graham made one appearance in a major league game. On June 29th, 1905 he was placed in right field, but never got a turn at bat for John McGraw's 1905 World Champion New York Giants. It was not on the field but in fiction where Graham became famous. In 1975 author W.P. Kinsella, had taken notice of Graham's statistic in the Baseball Encyclopedia. He used the character in his novel; Shoeless Joe which the movie Field of Dreams was based on. In the movie Kevin Costner & James Earl Jones are sent to Fenway Park in Boston by the voice that tells them "If you build it he will come." And "Ease his pain". At the game the Graham stat is seen only by them on the scoreboard.  The voice tells them, "Go the distance..." as the two soon drive off to Chisholm, Minnesota, to find out what they can about the man and his mysterious MLB career. I

Concert Review: Evanescence at Wellmont Theater, Montclair New Jersey

Last night I finally got to see Amy Lee & Evanescence for the first time. I wanted to see them so badly a few years ago, on their last tour, but couldn't make it happen. S ince that last tour, Amy Lee has had a baby, done a musical score, wrote a children's album & made some more band member changes in Evanescence. Despite not having a new album to promote, she surprised fans like myself, & decided to take Evanescence on the road for a Fall Tour. So Pie & I were off to Jersey........... All I can say, is that she is everything I was hoping for & much much more. Amy Lee is no doubt, the current reigning Queen of Rock. All music for that matter. She is absolutely incredible & the best female rock performer in the world right now. She has reached the upper status of the legendary front woman of rock-the bests ever- Stevie Nicks & Ann Wilson. There was Janis, Grace Slick, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett & for this era it is Amy Lee.  The two si

Remembering Mets History: (2015) Matt Harvey's Post Season Performances

Looking back at Matt Harvey's 2015 Post Season performances: NLDS Game #3 Citi Field, New York: With the Mets & Los Angeles Dodgers tied at one game each in the NLDS, Mets Terry Collins sent Matt Harvey (13-8 / 2.71 ERA / 188 Ks) to the mound, in his first post season start. The Dodgers manager Don Mattingly sent Brett Anderson (10-9 / 3.69 ERA / 116 Ks) to face off against him. Harvey had been saved for the third start for three reasons, one because Jacob deGrom deserved the nod over him, Harvey needed to cut down on innings & it was the first home post season games for the Mets in nine years. It all came down to this for Harvey, in his short but very news worthy career. Harvey was not usual over powering self on this night, a shaky 2nd inning saw L.A. score three runs on four straight hits. Yasmani Grandal who had not gotten a hit with runners in scoring position in what seemed like forever, came through clearing the bases. But these post season 2015 Mets answe

Legendary Mets Broadcaster Ralph Kiner- A Real Ladies Man Back In His Day

I recently watched the original 1951 movie "Angels In The Outfield". The movie focuses on the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates, whose fortunes change when an orphan girl prays to the angel Gabriel. The angel speaks to the teams grumpy manager and the Pirates start to win & eventually take the NL pennant. The story becomes national news, covered by a pretty female reporter, played by Janet Leigh. Footage of #4, slugger Ralph Kiner blasting a HR & rounding the bases is seen in the film. Through the years, people knew Ralph as the legendary Mets announcer known for his malapropisms. But most people don't know how popular & kool Kiner was in his playing days. Especially with the ladies, beautiful & famous ladies at that. First off, Kiner led the major leagues in HRs, a record six straight years. He also led the N.L. a record seven times. If he had played in New York on an actual winning team, he'd be bigger than that Ruth character.   That said, Kin