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Remembering Mets History (1999) 1969 Amazing Mets On Everybody Loves Raymond

  1999: In the third season of the TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond" (Episode 19 titles "Big Shots"). Ray the sportswriter, takes his brother Robert to the Hall of Fame for a 1969 World Champion Mets autograph signing event. Their mother, Marie Barone forces Raymond to take Robert to the show. When the brothers arrive at the Hall of Fame, the Meet the Mets line is very long.  Robert encourages Ray to use his sportswriter authority to jump the line. Ray attempts to use his credentials to get up front. After aggravating security, as well as the 1969 Mets alumni, Ray & Robert are forced to leave the event, never meeting the Mets. On their way home, they get pulled over for speeding. Now Robert tries to use his authority, of being a cop to avoid the ticket, but to no luck. On their drive home the Barone brothers break out into the classic Mets theme song "Meet the Mets". Former 1969 Mets included Bud Harrelson, Tug McGraw, Tommie Agee, Jerry Grote, Cleon J

Remembering Mets History: (1969) Amazing World Champion Mets On the Ed Sullivan Show

Sunday October 19th, 1969:   After the Amazing Mets won the World Series, they were now national celebrities as the swinging sixties came to a close.  After their Miracle, run the Amazing Mets were getting offers to do commercials, magazine ads, personal appearances & television shows. One of the more popular appearances came on the biggest variety show in television, the Ed Sullivan show. Ed Sullivan had done interviews with Mets Manager Gil Hodges, Cleon Jones, Tommy Agee, Jerry Koosman and Tom Seaver on October 5th, 1969, just prior to the World Series, after the Amazing's won the pennant. Now after they had won the Worlds  Championship, the Mets entire team was invited to the Sunday October 19th Sunday night show. On that night other guests included a young female comedian named Joan Rivers, who did a standup routine. Also was A ctress & dancer Cyd Charisse, they did a dance to an instrumental version of the song "MacArthur Park".  Other acts that

Tim Harkness: Early Sixties Mets First Baseman (1963-1964)

Thomas William Harkness was born December 23, 1937 in Quebec, Canada. Growing up in Canada, Harkness was a good hockey player and actually thought about perusing an NHL career. Instead he chose baseball, signing with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1956. In April of 1957 the six foot two, first baseman was traded along with Elmer Valo to the Brooklyn Dodgers for Chico Fernandez. He would hit 118 HRs in the minors, including 28 at AA Atlanta in 1960, making him a power hitting prospect. He was a minor league teammate of Tommy Lasorda in Montreal and the two played ball in Cuba just as Fidel Castro took power.  Drama In Cuba: During a game, Clay Bryant accidentally hit one of the armed Cuban soldiers. The soldier had a fit, pointing his gun straight at Harkness. Tommy Lasorda was the only person who spoke Spanish for the American team, he explained the situation and helped ease the tension. Harkness says, “He saved my life, he belongs in the Hall of Fame”. In 1961 he hit another

Frank Taveras: Former Mets Short Stop (1979-1981)

Franklin Crisostomo Fabian Taveras was born December 24, 1949, in the Dominican Republic. He was signed as an amateur free agent by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1968. The tall six-foot, speedy infielder was a terror on the base paths. Taveras was never scouted as a good hitter, only batting a best of .267 in the minors. But when he did get aboard, he stole a lot of bases. In 1970 at A ball Gastonia, he swiped 35 bases followed by 19 in 1971 at AA Charleston.  MLB Debut: He made his MLB debut on September 21st, 1971, at Shea Stadium coming in as a pinch runner for Willie Stargell, in a 15 inning Mets 2-1 victory. It was the only appearance he made that season. He was back in the minors the next two seasons stealing 17 bases in 1973 at AAA Charleston.  MLB Career: Tavares made the Pirates team in 1974, replacing Dal Maxvill as their regular short stop. He would be the Pirates main shortstop for the next five seasons, becoming one of the league's biggest base stealers. In hi

David Wright (Part Two): 2015 NL Champion Mets All Time Franchise Third Baseman (2008-2015)

2 010: Wright appeared at Spring Training two weeks early, in order to get a head, start on the new season. He had gained weight bulking up adding more muscle to his body.  It was a better year for Wright although the Mets still finished at 79-83 in fourth Place.  On Opening Day, he hit a two run HR off Florida's Josh Johnson in his first season at bat, as the Mets began on a happy note with a 7-1 win.  1000 Hit: On April 27th, in the second game of a double header with the Dodgers at Citi Field, Wright hit a 5th inning RBI single for 1000th career hit. Later in the game, he  hit a 6th inning bases loaded triple off George Sherrill, as he drove in a total of four runs in the 10-5 Mets win.  In the first week of May he hit three HRs, overall,  he had 18 RBIs for the month. On May 15th he the first of two multi-RBI  games in back-to-back  losses in Florida.  On May 20th he had one of three four RBI games on the year. On May 22nd in the second game of the subway series, Wright had