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A Fans Story from 1969: Mets Clinch the NL East Title At Shea

centerfield maz fan Louie Diaz has a great Mets story from the Summer of 1969. A young Louie was there the night the Mets clinched the NL East title in 1969 and can prove it. The following week Sports Illustrated ran its coverage of the Mets 1st place victory and among the pictures they published, there is Louie storming the field front & center. As years went by his brothers ex-wife ended up with the magazine & never gave it up to him. Louie went to online & recently bought a great copy of the October 1969 Sports Illustrated with Frank Robinson on the cover. He told the story to centerfield maz & it just had to be posted! September 25th 1969: Shea Stadium was packed with excitement as 55,000 fans were ready to witness the first stage of the miracle, the clinching of the NL East title. 1969 was the first year of divisional play, so the Eastern Title & NL Playoff Series were a whole new concept. Gil Hodges and his 1st place Mets were ahead of the Cubs by six games

Rolling Stones Re-Release "Exile On Main Street"

Yesterday the Rolling Stones re issued their 1972 classic album; EXILE ON MAIN STREET. The album celebrating its 40th anniversary, (a bit early) has become known through the years as a masterpiece & one of the Stones finest works. This was never my personal favorite album among the Stones works, but indeed it is a classic. It is now available in a deluxe boxed set & deluxe i-tunes version which I down loaded. The original songs, remastered sound absolutely great, much clearer & crisper than the original recordings. The new release comes with alternate versions of “All Down the Line” “Loving Cup” & “Soul Survivor” with Kieth singing the lead. There are eight new songs: PLUNDERED MY SOUL which also has two videos of footage from that era associated with it. PASS THE WINE (SOPHIA LOREN) / DANCING IN THE LIGHT / FOLLOWING THE RIVER / GOOD TIME WOMEN / I’M NOT SIGNIFYING / SO DIVINE (ALADDIN STORY) / & TITLE 5. They are all quality songs that didn’t make the original dou

centerfieldmaz on the road: Sun Life Stadium- South Florida (Mets vs. Marlins)

Just got back from a great trip to Ft. Lauderdale Florida. The Mets just happen to be in South Florida, so I attended the first game of the Marlins vs. Mets series on Thursday night. I don't expect much from this team, so the running joke was how are they gonna lose tonight? Well they sure surprised us with the wild pitch walk off!! I run a historical Mets blog & usually dont comment on the current team. I leave that to the Mets Police & all the other blogs. All I am going to say, is that I predicted a 85 loss season this year and am sticking by it. Don't expect to win until the core of this team is ALL gone. We are getting there. I hope Jose Reyes & David Wright are taking a good look at Ike Davis when they strike out, so they can see the new face of the franchise. Here is a brief run down of the Marlins home: Sun Life Stadium. It was my second time there and I noticed a bit of a face lift since 2004. The outside has some colorful ramps as you drive up to the stad

The Passing of A Heavy Metal Legend- Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010)

Sadly today we lost one of the most powerful singers in Heavy Metal & in Rock & Roll. One of my favorites back in the 1980's Metal hey days, Ronnie James Dio has passed on. A great Italian American rocker who wrote so many classics that were a part of my growing up. I saw Dio in concert about five times, plus the Black Sabbath/ Heaven & Hell line up as well. My strongest memories go back to 1984 when Dio released The Last In Line album. It was the talk of all us metal heads in the Bronx, & I played that cassette non stop on my Walkman for weeks. I saw that tour twice as it rolled through the area! " Ronald James Padavona was born to an Italian Fa mily in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The Family soon moved to Cortland, New York where Ronnie began to play trumpet, guitar & start singing as early as 1958. He took the name Dio after famous 1950's mobster Johnny Dio in the early 1960's. By the late sixties he formed & fronted the band Elf, who opened