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Me & "Layla"

I finally got the chance to meet Pattie Boyd this year at the 2008 Beatlefest. She was signing copies of her autobiography, which I of course I got personalized to myself. I was thrilled to meet a woman who inspired some of the best musicians to write some oft he best & most beautiful songs ever written. Being a huge Beatlefan I always had a thing for Pattie who was by far the best looking Beatle wife. It was a long line for the best guest the Fest ever had. She was extremely beautiful for her age and was very pleasant and charming. It was a thrill to put my arm around her and take a picture with her. She spoke in the ball room and although there really wasn't any new stories we didn't know, it was awesome to hear her tell her own stories. Here is a bio of her incredible life and some pics. Patricia Anne "Pattie" Boyd (was born 17 March 1944 in Taunton, Somerset England) Pattie is one of the most famous women in Rock and Roll history. Pattie is the eldest child