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centerfieldmaz Remembers Harry Wendelstedt & Don Mincher On Their Passing

Harry Hunter Wendelstedt Jr . was born July 27th 1938 in Baltimore Maryland. He began umpiring in the major leagues in 1966 for the National League. Wendelstat was famous for having a wide strike zone, he would shout & use the now famous so called "chain saw move" on a called third strike. If it was a swinging strike he would raise his right arm straight up in the air signaling the out. In 1968 he made a controversial call in favor of Dodger pitcher Don Drysdale which helped him continue his scoreless innings streak to his record 58 2/3 innings. San Francisco Giants batter Dick Dietz was hit in the elbow with a pitch & if he had gotten to first base a run would have scored. But Wendelstedt ruled Dietz made no attempt to get out of the way, Drysdale's streak continued on. On April 22, 1970 Wendelstedt was behind the plate at Shea Stadium when Tom Seaver struck out 19 San Diego Padres tying a major league single game strike out record. In that game Seaver struc

Concert Review: Van Halen @ Madison Square Garden (Different Kind of Truth Tour 2012)

Van Halen kept the Madison Square Garden crowd on their feet the entire night. It was an incredible performance by the band last night on the second of their two sold out New York shows. Eddie Van Halen is the master on the guitar, he alone is worth the price of the ticket. During the show goes at some point you realize: there is only one guitarist on that stage, playing all that music. Eddie dressed in jeans, along with a blue & white striped shirt, does it all. The most amazing part of his brilliance is the guitar solo toward the end of the show. He incorporates the classic Eruption, along with the effects from 1984 and performs some of the best guitar work ever see. I of course was in awe of Eddie's playing, but as I looked around I saw people with their jaws open, others staring just smiling & others just shaking their heads in amazement. I just wished the solo was longer & their were more of them. Eddie looked happy all night as he just smiled sand backing voc

Remembering The Monkees Davy Jones (1945-2012)

Today we lost a great actor/ singer / personality, the Monkees Davy Jones. I was a huge fan of the MONKEES, first as a kid watching the TV show reruns, after school & Saturday mornings. Then later I became a huge fan of their music. I have both seasons of the TV DVD box sets, Monkees cards & all their music as well as the mvie HEAD. They brought me alot of laughter & music in my life. I was very saddened to hear of Jones' passing today, I thank all of my friends & family who contacted me with the info all afternoon. may you daydream in peace forever davy........... David Thomas Jones was born in Manchester, England on December 30th, 1945. Jones began acting on British Television by the time he was 11 years old. By his early teens, after his mothers passing he became a trained jockey riding horses. His trainer had a friend who worked in the Theater & when castings for the play Oliver began, they knew Jones was the guy. Davy played the Artful Dodger in Oliver a