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Remembering Mets History (2007): Tom Glavine One Hits St. Louis In a Rain Shortened Game (2007)

June 27th 2007: In this rematch of the 2006 NLCS, the First place New York Mets (43-33) under Willie Randolph, faced off against Tony Larussa's reigning World Champion Cardinals. The Cards were 10.5 games out of first place at 34-41 at this point. Tom Glavine (6-5) went up against Anthony Reyes (0-9) to an excited Shea Stadium crowd of 40,948. The Mets started off scoring right away, in the 1st inning Paul Loduca singled,& with two out, David Wright blasted a two run HR. It would be all the Mets needed in the 2-0 win. Tom Glavine, gave up a 2nd inning single to Scott Rolen which would be the only hit he would allow. The rains came down & shortened the game after six innings. It was an official game as the Mets won it 2-0. In six innings, Glavine allowed no runs, on one hit, three strike outs & two walks for his 7th win of the year (4.12 ERA). It was the 30th one hitter in Mets history. The latest one since the September 3rd, 2006 combined one hitter by; Orland

50th Anniversary of the 1969 Mets: Gil Hodges Cools Down Jerry Grote's Temper

50th Anniversary of the 1969 World Champion "Amazing Mets" Manager Gil Hodges led the Mets to an improbable 1969 World Series Championship. He was a stern disciplinarian who took no garbage, but also respected the players & let them prove themselves. His leadership is the players on that team said made them play to the best & above their abilities. In this example, Hodges spoke to a fiery tempered Jerry Grote & helped bring him down a notch. Jerry Grote came from the Houston Colt 45's (later to be the Astros) for pitcher Tom Parsons in October 1965. Parsons was 2-12 with a 4.58 ERA in two seasons with the Mets (39 games). He never played a game for Houston at the major league level. Grote noted for his defense, batted just .181 in Houston in 1964 with 3 HRs 24 RBIs. This was one of the Mets brilliant trades early on in their history. Grote would get to two World Series with the Mets, play on the team for 12 years, mostly as the main catcher in every s

The Wild Career of One Time Mets Pitcher: Dock Ellis (1979)

Dock Phillip Ellis was born March 11, 1945 in Los Angeles California. The six foot three right handed pitcher was an outspoken controversial figure during his baseball career & makes for some good stories as well. No matter what he certainly had some good years pitching as well. Ellis was originally signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1964 after winning double figures twice in the minor leagues he was up in the majors by 1968. That year he was called up in June and did not make his first star until mid August finishing the year at 6-5 with a 2.50 ERA. By 1970 the Pirates were a dominant force in the National League. They won three straight divisional titles, one World Series & were defeated twice in the LCS by the Cincinnati Reds- Big Red Machine. In 1970 Ellis was 13-10, tops among the starters on his staff pitching 201 innings with 138 strike outs and a 3.21 ERA (7th in the NL). On June 12th 1970 he was hanging out in his hometown of Los Angeles with his friends and

Tom Seaver To Retire From Public Life

It is sad to report that Mets legend, Tom Seaver has been diagnosed with dementia & will be retiring from public life. He is not expected to be attending any of the 50th Anniversary celebrations for the 1969 Mets. In a statement the Mets said- “We’ve been in contact with the Seaver family and are aware of his health situation,” the Mets. Although he’s unable to attend the ’69 Anniversary, we are planning to honor him in special ways and have included his family in our plans. Our thought are with Tom, Nancy and the entire Seaver family.”

Mets Third Base Prospect: David Thompson (2019)

David Thompson was born August 28th, 1993 in Miami Florida. The six foot two, third baseman broke a Florida high school HR record originally set by Alex Rodriguez, when he bashed 55 HRs. Thompson was also a star football, quarterback at Westminster Christian High School, as well as a playing on the basketball team.  He was drafted in the 38th round of the 2012 MLB draft but did not sign, instead opting to go to college. He then attended the University of Miami, where he was to play both football & baseball, but eventually committed to the baseball career. He was drafted by the New York Mets in the fourth round of the 2015 draft, the 119th pick overall.  After playing in the College World Series he reported to A ball Brooklyn Cyclones, but did not hit too well, blaming it due to being exhausted from the College World Series & recovering from a bout with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome the previous year . The next year he hit better, 11 HRs 34 doubles & 95 RBIs while batt

50th Anniversary of the 1969 Mets: Tips From Manager Gil Hodges

50th Anniversary of the 1969 World Champion "Amazing Mets" In 1969 Gil Hodges brought the Mets from being a joke team to World Series Champions. He made the amazing Mets the Amazing Mets with a capitol A. Here are some tips on managing from Gil Hodges: "Treat everyman on your team alike. Play no favorites. They are all here for the same purpose: to do what they can to win. Try To remember that. Also try to remember that once you make rules for conduct for your ball club, they apply to every man on the club." "You will be tested. managers always are. Be ready for it. Be firm but be fair and be that to the No. 25 man on your team just as much as the No. 1 man." As for the second guesser, Gil once said " There is one thing the second guesser does not take into consideration, the man in the stands, the man in the press box, is not always on top of the situation".