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Tragic Story of New York Giants Edwin Doheny

Edwin Richard Doheny goes way back to the 1800s New York Giants baseball team. He was born in Northfield, Vemont on November 24, 1873 and was a star pitcher on the sandlots. A Boston reporter turned the Giants on to him and he was signed and brought to the early Polo Grounds. He pitched for the Giants for six seasons, never having a winning recod. He did win 14 games in 1899 and went 37-65 overall never living up to his billing. He was sent over to Pittsburgh and went 6-2, followed by two 16 win seasons, (going 16-4, and 16-8). Then suddenly he began to act strange, fighting with his own team mates and drinking heavily. He became very paranoid and beli eved detectives were on his trail following him. The Pirates couldn’t even find him as he was hiding out in his home in Massachusetts. He returned to pitch but his behavior became totally irrational. His brother brought him to get treatment. When he got word the Pirates had lost the 1903 World Series he beat a male nurse unconcious with

Concert Reviw: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band at Madison Square Garden 11-7-09

The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle!! It was like being home again. Another great night of Bruce at Madison Square Garden, a much more cozier venue than the huge Giants Stadium show I saw last month. The New York crowd was very enthusiastic last night and were on their feet all night long. In keeping with the entire album performance theme, tonight marked the first time ever that Bruce & the E Street Band played his second album; The Wild The Innocent & The E Street shuffle in its entirety. As Bruce always changes set lists & pulls out surprises, he kept with his form opening the show. He announced "this was an out take from that album" as the band broke into THUNDER CRACK as the opener. As for the WILD THE INNOCENT & THE E STREET SHUFFLE set,it was incredible. The E Street band was accompanied by a five piece horn section and background singers. You could tell Bruce was totally into playing this set as he & the band rocked. They did incredi