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Remembering Mets History: (1974) NL Champion Mets Take A Goodwill Tour Of Japan

Jerry Koosman enjoys the fruits of Japan In the off season of 1974 the Mets took a three week good will tour of Japan. They had originally been asked to do the trip while still being the defending NL Champs. New York was a known team team in Japan & stars like Tom Seaver, Willie Mays, Yogi Berra,  Jerry Koosman & Tug McGraw were well known in Japan as well. But not all the Mets were into the trip, Bud Harrelson, Cleon Jones, Jerry Grote &Tug McGraw did not participate in the journey. Some feel that McGraw being traded in the off season may have had something to do with his not going. Tom Seaver did not want to go eithr, his wife; Nancy was pregnant at the time with their second child. But all agreed Seaver was the big draw & had to make the trip. He went with Nancy, pitched in five games then came home early as Nancy got sick. Mets- Ed Kranepool, John Milner & Joe Torre On the trip the Mets showed off their new acquisition, infielder Joe Torre. The

Remembering Rheingold Beer & Its Mets Sponsorship

Rheingold Beer:    Anyone who remembers the Mets back in the early seventies has to remember one of its main sponsors; Rheingold Beer. Rheingold was a long time Mets sponsor, who boldly displayed it image high above the Mets huge Shea Stadium score board. Their ad was located on the left side of the Mets logo which of course was in the center, through the 1973 season. Rheingold Beer goes back to 1883 when it was first introduced in New York City. It became the main beer in New York in the 1950's, claiming to sell 35% of the beer in all of New York State. It became the official beer of the New York Mets from 1962-1973, during the Mets first days in the Polo Grounds, their huge ad took over almost all of the scoreboard. The Official Scorer would light up the H in the Rheingold sign when a hit was credited to a player & the E would light up to signify an error. Manage Casey Stengel would appear in many ads with Miss Rheingold all season in those days.

Remembering Mets History (1973): World Series Game #7- Mets Fall One Game Short of Another Miracle

Sunday, October 21st 1973: World Series Game #7 Oakland Alameda Coliseum, Oakland California A capacity crowd of 49,333 filled the Oakland Coliseum on Sunday afternoon, hoping to see their "Swingin' A's" win their second straight World Series title. The ceremonial first pitch was thrown out by actor; Clint Eastwood. Eastwood would always be famous in the Bay Area, as his Dirty Harry movies took place in San Francisco. It was once again the two left handers; the Mets Jon Matlack going against Oakland's Ken Holtzman. Starting Lineups New York Mets         Oakland Athletics 1 Wayne Garrett 3B 1 Bert Campaneris SS 2 Felix Millan 2B 2 Joe Rudi LF 3 Rusty Staub RF 3 Sal Bando 3B 4 Cleon Jones LF 4 Reggie Jackson CF 5 John Milner 1B 5 Gene Tenace C 6 Jerry Grote C 6 Jesus Alou RF 7 Don Hahn CF 7 Deron Johnson 1B 8 Bud Harrelson SS 8 Dick Green 2B 9 Jon Matlack P 9 Ken Holtzman P Ken Hotlzman struck out Wayne Garrett

Remembering Mets History (1973): World Series Game #6- A's Even Up Series

Sunday October 21st, 1973 World Series Game #6 Oakland Alameda Coliseum, Oakland California Mets Tom Seaver , Bud Harrelson & Wives Arrive At San Francisco Airport Prior to Game Six of the 1973 World Series Managers Yogi Berra & Dick Williams The Mets were one game away from winning their second World Series in four years. As Game #6 was approaching, Mets manager, Yogi Berra made a pitching decision that affected the outcome of the series.  George Stone last pitched in the 12th inning of Game #2 at Oakland earning the save, but he had not appeared in the World Series since.  He had been on six days of rest if he had gotten the call. Stone had not made a start since Game #4 of the NLCS which was eleven days prior. He certainly was well rested & certainly had the credentials after having a fine season. Stone had gone 12-3 with an .800 winning %. He posted a 2.80 ERA on the year & since July 14th had won his last eight decisions. In two