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Former Italian / American Manager: Frank Lucchesi

Frank Joseph Lucchesi was born on April 24, 1927 in San Francisco, California. The Italian American Lucchesi played minor league ball as an outfielder from 1945-1957 never making the bigs. He began a managerial career in the minors in 1951, going through 1969. In 1970 he was hired as manager of the Philadelphia Phillies and won 73 games against 88 losses finishing 5th. The next two years were worse, the Phil’s finished last in 1971, and after going 26-50 in 1972 he was fired. In 1975 he replaced Billy Martin in Texas leading a good Rangers team to a third place finish. In 1976 they finished 4th going 76-86 but showed promise for 1977. The Problem was Lucchesi was let go after going 31-31, although the Rangers finished second after his departure under Billy Hunter. Drama & The Lenny Randle Ordeal: Earlier that spring, he & the team announced that Rookie Bump Wills (Maury Will’s son) was going to replace Lenny Randle at second base, even though Lucchesi praised Randle as the

Concert Review: Rod Stewart / Stevie Nicks "Heart & Soul Tour" Madison Square Garden 4/6/11

It was a nightmare ride to get into the Queens Midtown tunnel, the a complete stand still on 34th St. to go one block to my usual garage. It took over an hour to go 7 ½ miles and our pre show dinner had to be canceled. By the time we shleped the rain to get to the Garden the lights went down &......... Rod Stewart himself, came out to introduce Stevie Nicks at 7:30 sharp. This was a Rod Stewart crowd so being a diehard Stevie Nicks fan it was tough to adjust to the luke warm love the crowd was giving Stevie. Usually her shows are filled with fans who adore her. Although with that said by the end of her set she was getting a standing ovation & had the crowd up. She took the stage & opened with her classic, Stand Back, dressed in her high black boots & long black dress complete with a beige shawl. She is still beautiful as always, with her gorgeous long blonde hair flowing & her lips puckered up as she sings. Her vocals are still amazing, with that distinct lovely