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Concert Review: Chicago at the Westbury Theater (Long Island, New York 5/19/11)

It was great to have a chance to see a big act like Chicago in the intimate setting of the theater in the round at Westbury Music Fair, now known as the NYCB Theater at Westbury. Sitting in great sixth row seats, we had a real close up & personal view of the band. They were loose, joking around, even talking to each other during the songs. It was certainly a relaxed show for them even though they were bunched up together on the small stage & had the crowd right on top of them. As they walked down the ramp to the stage they shook hands & high fived the audience. On stage they were very personal posing for the camera phones, pointing to people in the audience, joking around & hamming it up. The band consists of four original founding members; Robert Lamm (vocals, keyboards & guitar on Beginnings) as well as the now legendary horn section; James Pankow (Trombone, percussion) Lee Loughnane (trumpet) and Walter Parazaider (saxophone, flute). Jason Scheff (bass, voca

Remembering the Great Harmon Killebrew (1936-2011)

As a young die hard baseball fan I only knew of Harmon Killebrew from the All Star Game & the occasional appearance on the Game of the Week. He came to life for me on his baseball cards, both in his pictures on the fromt & his big stats on the back. I heard & read how he was one of the most feared hitters in the American League. Being in New York I was exposed to AL baseball as well so would catch a glimpse of him when he played the AL New York club. He was always known as a good guy, a religious man who never drank or smoked. Harmon Killebrew was a baseball giant from the great days of my youth & always a favorite America Leaguer for me. Now at the time of his passing I would like to pay him tribute: Harmon Clayton Killebrew was born on June 29, 1936 in Payette, Idaho. He is only one of 26 MLB players to be born in the state of Idaho. Killebrew was a 12 letter man at various sports in high school, including All American Quarterback. While attending the College of Id