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Tug McGraw (Part Two): 1973 N.L. Champion Mets Fireman- "You Gotta Believe"

1973 Mets N.L. Pennant Season:   Tug started out the season with another Opening Day save, after relieving Tom Seaver to finish off ta shut out of the Philadelphia Phillies.  At the end of April, he had four straight saves and was posting a 1.59 ERA, just like the Tug McGraw of old.  But in May he began to struggle, on May 4th he entered a tie game against the Astros, with the bases loaded in the 8th inning. He walked three runs in & had to be removed, the Mets lost it in extra innings. On May 6th, he came into  the game in the 6th inning, with two on & the Mets up on the Astros 7-3. He gave up a double to Cesar Cedeno & a three run HR to Bob Watson tying up the game. In the 7th, he gave up two hits & then walked two batters blowing the four-run  lead having to be removed again. The Mets blew the game losing 14-8.  Tug did get a bit on track saving three games until May 19th, when he served up HRs to the Pirates Bob Robertson & a three runs blast to Willie Stargell


Heavy Metal is alive and well on the perfectly titled "The Metal Masters Tour". In what was a fantastic fourth show on a short 16 gig American Tour, Judas Priest & Black Sabbath still can rock & reign supreme, just like the great hey days of the 1970's /80's Metal scene. On a cool night on the ocean at the Jones Beach Theater a really kool crowd relived the good old days of Metal. On their feet the whole night, pumping their fists in the air, the crowd rocked to some great music. Black Sabbath (the Ronnie James Dio years line up) came on just before dark following Testament & Lemmy's Motorhead. After Black Sabbath fired Ozzy Osbourne back in 1979 they hired Ronnie James Dio as their lead singer. It was a transition to a new sound for Sabbath, but it refreshed the band as they went on to release 3 good albums with this line up. For this tour they chose to go under the name " Heaven & Hell" in honor of the classic album & song of the