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'Streets of the Bronx Band" Rockin & a Rollin' Little Italy in the Bronx

Last night was a classic good old Little Italy in the Bronx night. At my families life long friends Restaurant Ann & Tony's on Arthur Ave, we were entertained by a great oldies band- "Butch Barbella's Streets of the Bronx Band". Butch (another life long family friend) is the musical director of the trio and does all the arrangements on his keyboards. Butch has been musical director for groups like The Earls, The Duprees, & Dion. He did the musical soundtrack for the movie "A Bronx Tale" starring Chaz Palmintieri & Robert Deniro & the upcoming film "The Dukes". His current band is named after the doo wop song "Streets of the Bronx" from the "Bronx Tale" movie. Jerry Brown is a fantastic singer who handles the lead vocals & Bobby Rustici keeps the beat going on the drums. The band had the joint rockin as they were literally dancing in the aisles, by the bar, near the bathroom and anywhere else they could fit.

40th Anniversary of the Beatles Rooftop Performance

In January of 1969 the Beatles began work on their Get Back project. The idea was to film the recording of the new album and have it climax with a live performance. It would mark the 1st time the band played live since August 1966. As the filming for the movie goes on it becomes apparent things are not good amongst the band. The tension is very visible. Yok o Ono's presence, Johns lack of interest in the band, Paul trying to dominate the band, George wanting his opinions to be heard and Ringo just seems bored, (especially because at the time he was filming the movie "Magic Christian" with Peter Sellers). The topic of the live event (mostly Paul's idea) is another issue no one agrees on. For some reason Yoko puts her input in when she shouldn't even be seen let alone heard. Royal Albert Hall is mentioned, A Roman Amphitheater, a cruise ship out in the ocean, Paul preferred a small club like the early days. George & Ringo don't seem to want to play live at a

Centerfield Maz's Rock DVD of the Year- "Black Symphony" by Within Temptation

WITHIN TEMPTATION are an phenomenal symphonic metal band from Holland. The band is fronted by the beautiful Sharon Den Adel, a mezzo soprano vocalist/ songwriter/ composer. Her performances are cinematic & epic with an incredible range of vocal styles. The musicians are a six piece rock band fronted by Robert Westerholt. They have been around since humble beginnings in 1996 redefining the genre they represent. They have sold over 2 million CDs & DVDs word wide. They are Hollands most successful musical export ever and are quickly becoming known around the world as one of the best bands on the planet. Their latest album "The Heart of Everything" is just a perfect 10 in my opinion, released in July of 2007, it is their 1st official US release. It hit the top 10 in Europe, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Japan, Austria, the Czech Rep., Portugal, & Spain. They supported the Italian metal band Lacuna Coil (fronted by the beautiful Christina Scabbia) on a US Tour in 2

Centerfield Maz's Top Albums of 2008

*Here is a list of my favorite albums of 2008. Everything from Symphonic Gothic Metal, Jazz, Italian pop, Psychedelic trance, Electronic, classic rock & Heavy Metal. These albums highlighted various phases at different points of the year for me. Some had great tours to support them others go me into new genres of music. One of the best years in music in a long time. #1- THE FIREMAN- ELECTRIC ARGUMENTS #2- DARK PASSION PLAY- NIGHTWISH #3- BLACK SYMPHONY- WITHIN TEMPTATION #4- DEATH MAGNETIC- METALLICA #5- BLACK ICE- AC/DC #6- NOVA- ATARGATIS #7- MY EARTH DREAM- EDENBRIDGE #8- MY WINTER STORM- TARJA #9- NOSTRADAMUS- JUDAS PRIEST #10- MAI DIRE MAI- ANNA TATANGELO #11- ROCK FERRY- DUFFY #12- THE DIVINE CONSPIRACY- EPICA #13- JUST A LITTLE LOVIN'- SHELBY LYNNE #14- BREAKFAST ON THE MORNING TRAM- STACEY KENT #15- NINE LIVES- STEVE WINWOOD #15- LIVERPOOL 8 -RINGO STARR