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Italian American Umpire; Dick Stello (1968-1988)

Richard Jack Stello was born on July 20, 1934 in Massachusetts. He was raised in an orphanage & then on a New England farm, with afmily whom beacme his own. He later attended Merimack college, and began his career as a stand up night club comic. He went into the Air Force and was stationed in Toyko, Japan in the 1950’s. It was there he became interested in umpiring & enrolled in George Barr umpire school. In the early to mid sixties he umped in the Florida State League, Texas League & then the International League. He was promoted to the National League in 1968, the Year of the Pitcher. Stello was the second base umpire when Lou Brock broke Maury Wills single season stolen base record in 1974. He got to Umpire the classic 1975 World Series between the Red Sox & the Reds, taking the home plate duties for Game #4 in Cincinnati. In 1981 he umpired his next World Series, and was behind the plate for Game #6 as the Dodgers beat the A.L. New York team. Stello also worked two

Concert Review: Ringo Starr Gets 70th Birthday Surprise From Paul McCartney At Radio City Music Hall

RINGO STARR & HIS ALL STARR BAND: Absolutely incredible! As a lifelong Beatles fan, one the greatest moments possible, occurred last night at Radio City Music Hall. Paul McCartney joined Ringo Starr on stage for a surprise encore, performing the Beatles classic "Birthday" in honor of Ringo’s 70th. There was a buzz all night long throughout Radio City about all the famous people who were at the show. As we arrived, Elyse we nt over to the crowd gathered at the back stage entrance to see who was around. There I saw my pals Eddie from X Session & Rob Leonard from 90.3 FM. They told us they saw Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison, Jeff Lynne & Joe Walsh all entering the building. As Pie arrived, me, Elyse, & Darren Devivo of WFUV made our way inside. As we walked into the lobby, I order a beer, and comedian Richard Lewis goes by & then Joe Walsh. As we got to our seats we were greeted by 104.3 FM's Ken Dashow, sitting behind us. You could feel the special aura aro

Happy Independence Day America!

1976 Mr. Met Bicentennial Edition