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Keith Richards Toronto Drug Bust 30 Years Later

In February 1977 Keith Richards was busted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for possession of 22 grams of heroin at Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto Canada. According to Keith it took the law two hours to wake him up out of a stoned stupor. He was originally charged with "possession of heroin for the purpose of trafficking". Richards had his passport confiscated, he & his girl friend Anita Pallenberg along with their three children were forced to stay in Canada until April. In April he was allowed to leave on a medical visa to begin rehab for heroin addiction. For over a year the threat of jail time hung over Keith's head. The scare really held him clean up and he focused on his work. The Stones recorded one of their biggest albums and best works in years, "Some Girls" and they did a North American Tour. In March of 1977 looking for an private venue to record in, The Rolling Stones played the first of two performances at the famous El Mocambo club in To