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STEVIE NICKS "Gold Dust Woman" Enchants Jones Beach : Saturday 6/28/08 Concert Review

I have loved Stevie Nicks since I was a kid back in her Fleetwood Mac days. Through the years going beyond her beauty and ultimate rock queen looks & image, I have gotten deeper & deeper into her music. If your a fan you would enjoy her concerts beyond the music. She gives you a sense of warmth, as if she is singing directly to you. She acknowledges her fans and appreciates the support. She surely loves what shes doing and enjoys singing for her faithful. Stevie did another fantastic performance last night, on the next to last night of her 2008 summer tour. Although this was another lame Jones Beach crowd,Stevie made up for them & I made the best of it. Looking through my binoculars most of the night standing & dancing on my own. I like to refer to this crowd as "the lazy butt living room crowd". They seem to be more interested in sitting down & watching the video screens rather than the stage. Just as if they were snug in their li ttle homes on their couc


Ringo Starr is doing his 10th go around with an All Star Band. As Ringo says " Everyone on the stage is a star in their own right". As usual it was a fantastic show, with professional fantastic quality of musicianship on stage sharing the spotlight & backing each other up.Bands who have been together for years are not as tight as these pros are. In the middle of it all is a Beatle, the man who has been through it all, done it all, and is still having a great time doing it again. Ringo is his usual cool self, making jokes, laughing and singing through out the show. Then he gets behind the drums and becomes a serious legendary drummer. I can't help thinking to myself during "Act Naturally"- he played this with the Beatles at Shea Stadium. When he does the Beatles oldie "Boys" ( because as Ringo says; he wants to do it because he likes it) I can't help to think, he did this on the Beatles outrageous 1964/ 1965 Tours. Is this classic stuff or what!

The EAGLES Fly High - Concert Review - Saturday Night at Madison Square Garden

It was an older crowd that started out mellow for the third sell out night of the Eagles shows at Madison Square Garden this past Saturday. By the second set they were pretty much all on their feet singing & dancing away, as the Eagles rocked New York and put on a hell of a show. They played well over 3 1/2 hours up until the midnight hour with an short intermission sandwiched in the middle. The band was decked out in black suits with white shirts and black ties. A long time gone from their early California hippie days playing behind Linda Ronstat. After five number one songs, six number one albums, (two of which are in the top ten of all time best sellers), sucessful solo careers, television acting appearances, and massive sell out concert tours they have become distinguished Eagles, total pros totally on top of their game. There was the pop, rock, love songs of Don Henley, who's diverse musical talents had him playing drums, bongos, and guitars, to the counrty rock style of G