STEVIE NICKS "Gold Dust Woman" Enchants Jones Beach : Saturday 6/28/08 Concert Review

I have loved Stevie Nicks since I was a kid back in her Fleetwood Mac days. Through the years going beyond her beauty and ultimate rock queen looks & image, I have gotten deeper & deeper into her music. If your a fan you would enjoy her concerts beyond the music. She gives you a sense of warmth, as if she is singing directly to you. She acknowledges her fans and appreciates the support. She surely loves what shes doing and enjoys singing for her faithful.

Stevie did another fantastic performance last night, on the next to last night of her 2008 summer tour. Although this was another lame Jones Beach crowd,Stevie made up for them & I made the best of it. Looking through my binoculars most of the night standing & dancing on my own. I like to refer to this crowd as "the lazy butt living room crowd". They seem to be more interested in sitting down & watching the video screens rather than the stage. Just as if they were snug in their little homes on their couches.

Funny how time has passed and we have all gotten older, now it seems her favorite crowd pleaser is "Edge of 17" even more than her Fleetwood Mac songs.Although "Gold Dust Woman' & "Silver Springs" seem to still wow them beyond anything else.

To me the best songs of the night were of course "Rhiannon"(with a great piano solo introduction as the song started out slowed down & mellowed then breaking into its original form after the first verse). "Outside the Rain" which cleverly faded into "Dreams" & "Gold Dust Woman". I also was surprised by "How Still My Love" an oldie favorite of mine off the 1981 Bella Donna album.

Stevie's voice was as perfect as ever as her vocals rose above the waters of Jones beach's ocean as a siren in the dark. She looks as beautiful as ever although she has gained a little weight. She wore her black boots and black long skirt, switching between a black & gold shawls. For the finale she came out in all white as "the white winged dove" sang "Edge of 17". She did her classic twirls a few times and her classic Stevie poses & moves.

The back up singers did a fantastic job as usual. They were long time Stevie back ups going all the way back to her first solo album; the beautiful brunette Sharon Celani, Stevie's sister in law Lori Perry Nicks & a younger blond singer. The band was led by classic rocker Waddy Wachtel on lead guitar as he has done on many of Stevie's tours.There was also guitarist Carlos Rios, a bassist , drummer, keyboard player (Scott Plunkett), piano player (Ricky Peterson) & Stevie's long time percussionist Lenny Castro. The band rocked. They especially kicked ass doing a rendition of Led Zeppelin's Rock & Roll which Stevie wailed on.
She also covered a Dave Matthews song " Crash Into Me". (I never got this guy, he was just a lame GenX hero because they had nothing else musically to look up to, I tried to like him but as I said, I don't get him) & a Bob Seger tune "Face the Promise". She closed her show with a tune that always makes me cry,"Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" which was sung as to a video backdrop of troops in the war. Always an emotional, song it caps off a perfect evening. Bravo Stevie a perfect 10 performance, thanks.

Set List:
Stand Back
Outside the Rain
If Anyone Falls in Love
Crash into Me
Fall from Grace
Face the Promise
Gold Dust Woman
How Still My Love
Edge of Seventeen
Rock and Roll
Has Anyone Ever -Written Anything for -You


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