Fictional Mets Infielder Chico Escuela ( of SNL) Visits Mets Spring Training (1979)

Bill Murray interviews (Garrett Morris) Chico Escuela
On March 27, 1979 original Saturday Night Live cast member; Garrett Morris joined the Mets at Miller Huggins Field for Spring Training. At the time the Mets were still holding Spring Training in St. Petersburg Florida. 

Morris was filmed being interviewed by Bill Murray as the fictional legendary Mets player: Chico Escuela uniform #5 (cinque). 

Escuela was famous for his spoof of the latin players of the time, who did not speak much English. His famous quote "baseball been berry berry good to me" began the previous year on SNL's weekend update.

Bill Murray & Ed Kranepool
It was said during the mock 1979 Spring Training interview, that Chico ( a nine time All Star second baseman) had given up his job at the Weekend Update Sports desk to make a comeback with the Mets at age 41. 

Chico had fictionally written a tell all baseball book; "Bad Stuff About the Mets" which ticked off some of the Mets  Players.

In good fun many Mets players are seen in the locker room greeting Chico Escuela at his locker. 

Short time Met; Nellie Briles who did not make the club out of Spring Training was interviewed about the fake book, as was Steve Henderson who said "As far as I am concerned Chico can pack his bags now".

Ed Kranepool does the biggest interview with Murray, after he grabs a throw away from Chico and turns his back on him. In the book Escuela claimed Kranepool borrowed his soap & never gave it back. 

Bruce Boisclair Chico Escuela & Ed Kranepool
He also said Tom Seaver took up two parking spaces, to which Kranepool says, not true.

It was a funny segment that was aired on Saturday Night Live on April 4th, 1979. Other Mets visible in the clip are Joel Youngblood, Bruce Boisclair, Dan Norman, Pat Zachary & pitching coach Rube Walker.

"baseball been berry berry good... to me"


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