Former Italian / American Player: Pretzel Pezzulo (1935-1936)

John Pretzel Pezzullo was born to an Italian American family, on December 10, 1910 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He earned the name Pretzel because of his strange twisty wind up & delivery. He began it with a high leg kick then he would drop down with a side arm delivery, totally confusing the hitter.

He started out in the New York Giants organization but was traded to the Phillies with Blondy Ryan & George Watkins for Dick Bartell. He only pitched one season at the minor league level going 16-4, before making it to the big leagues in 1935.

His stuff probably wasn’t all that good for the majors, because he only lasted two brief seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies. Prtezel was bit wild as well, walking 45 batters with hit seven hit by with pitches (5th in the league) in just 84 innings, going 6-4 with a 6.40 ERA in 45 games.

The next season he only appeared in one game, walking six batters in two innings. Next he was back in the minors, and won 26 games at Savannah in the South Atlantic League. He pitched in the minors until 1941 eventually settling in Dallas Texas where he passed away at the age of 80.


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