Concert Review: Evanescence at Wellmont Theater, Montclair New Jersey

Last night I finally got to see Amy Lee & Evanescence for the first time. I wanted to see them so badly a few years ago, on their last tour, but couldn't make it happen.

Since that last tour, Amy Lee has had a baby, done a musical score, wrote a children's album & made some more band member changes in Evanescence. Despite not having a new album to promote, she surprised fans like myself, & decided to take Evanescence on the road for a Fall Tour. So Pie & I were off to Jersey...........

All I can say, is that she is everything I was hoping for & much much more. Amy Lee is no doubt, the current reigning Queen of Rock. All music for that matter. She is absolutely incredible & the best female rock performer in the world right now. She has reached the upper status of the legendary front woman of rock-the bests ever- Stevie Nicks & Ann Wilson. There was Janis, Grace Slick, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett & for this era it is Amy Lee. 

The two sides of Amy Lee as an artist take versatility to the extreme. First she is full of energy, belting out her hard rock songs with an incredibly powerful voice. She owns the stage & the crowd, it's all about her as she does take us to that special place.

She then does a 360 & makes a complete transition. Lee is a classically trained piano player, the show includes stage hands wheeling out a piano on stage twice during the night. Lee beautifully plays the piano in a classical Mozart inspired style. Then you hear one of the most beautiful voices you've ever heard,singing. Her angelic voice starts out softly, then soars to intense high notes, with a powerful emotion that burns right into your soul.

It must be noted the talented Lee also jumps to keyboards at various times during the show as well.

Lee writes the songs, is the front woman & designs her own clothes. She does not believe is selling herself as a sex object, but rather wears modest yet certainly rock & roll outfits.

Last night she wore her usual black boots, with a long black shirt over tight turquoise blue & black striped pants. Above her upper arms she wore a long flowing material of a matching blue turquoise. No need to exploit her sex, since Amy Lee is right out beautiful with her cat like eyes & long silky dark hair.

The show was at an old refurbished theater in Montclair, New Jersey. The Wellmont Theater, is another in the trend of bringing back old theaters in a small towns, outside of Manhattan. There is a sense of nostalgia &  lower costs to put on these concerts.

It brings revenues to these small towns downtown area, as it did to the eclectic dining choices of Montclair. The crowd were certainly mixed, with many young people but lots of scattered veteran rock concert goers as myself.

Amy Lee is certainly the rock goddess to look up to for these younger female fans. All fans, especially us older seasoned rock veterans, certainly admire & respect her musicianship & amazing voice.

In the small theater, there was general admission standing on the floor area, then the upper balconies with seats. I paid extra to get a second row lodge seat, right above the stage looking down on the action.

There were no video screens, nor any special props, it was all about the music. And this band was incredibly tight, the sound in the small theater exceptional. It's hard to believe this line up is touring together for the first time as a unit.

Jen Majura
The latest line up includes female German guitarist  Jen Majura. Majura who had previously played with the German folk Metal band, Equilibrium, is a great guitar player who looked like she was having lots fun on stage. Lots of smiles & high fives with her bandmates, especially Lee who seems to have found a intense musical connection with her.

Bassist Tim McCord is now the longest tenured member beside Lee, he has been with the band since 2006. Will Hunt was spectacular on drums, he has been playing live with them since 2007 although he did not become a full time member until 2011. Veteran metal Guitarist, Troy McLawhorn is also one of the latest to collaborate with Amy Lee & joined the band officially last year.

The only negative thing I can say was the encore choice & I didn't get my favorite song, a true rock classic- Erase This! The set list did include one new song- Take Cover which they started playing last month.

I just look forward to seeing more from Evanescence in the near future as well as another tour, hopefully soon.  My only question is how is this band not headlining Madison Square Garden & the big arenas, especially when you look at some of the garbage that plays those venues??

 set list:
Everybody's Fool
What You Want
Going Under
The Other Side
Even In Death
My Heart is Broken
Made of Stone
Weight of the World
The Change
Take Cover
Breathe No More
My Immortal
Your Star
Call Me When Your Sober
Bring Me to Life

encore- Dirty Diana

videos- not the best quality.......

Bring Me To Life:



My Immortal- original video


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