Remembering Mets History (1978) Mets Wives Take On Happy Days Cast in a Softball Game

 August 1978: The cast of Happy Days had a softball team from the mid seventies that went into the eighties. 

The idea came from the great creator of the show, Gary Marshall. Gary Marshall was an Italian American, born in the Bronx & was the older brother of Penny Marshall (Myrna Turner & Laverne DiFazio). 

A Young Howie Rose Interviews the Fonz

Marshall directed the classic TV shows-Odd Couple, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy. As well as directing movies like - Pretty Woman, the Flamingo Kid, Overboard, Frankie & Johnny & many others.

 The Happy Days team, also featured other actors & actresses at times. They would play for charity & tour through out major league ball parks of America. there were even times they took the game over seas.

 All of the popular Happy Days cast would play on the team, with Henry Winkler "the Fonz" being an excellent softball pitcher. "Mrs. C", Marion Ross, later stated that the softball team, kept the cast together & was loads of fun to do.

The softball event came before a game between the Mets & NL Champion Los Dodgers. On this classic day, as everyone was smiling on the field, with the Fonz & his friends, the Dodger clubhouse had a completely different scene. 

Pitcher, Don Sutton had made a comment to the press saying, "all you hear about on our team is Steve Garvey, the All American Boy. Reggie Smith was the real MVP."

Garvey was offended, especially that Sutton didn't say it to

his face. He approached Sutton at his locker in the visitors clubhouse at at Shea Stadium. The two started out speaking softly, but then all of a sudden, Sutton jumped up & tossed Garvey into the lockers. The two went at it, wrestling on the floor & throwing punches at each other. 

Their Dodger team mates quickly jumped in to break it up. Garvey said Sutton agreed he made the comments to the press & then made a comment about his family.

The Dodgers went on to beat the Mets in the game & went on win another NL Pennant.

The Mets had finished in last place in 1978 going 66-96. 

Happy Day would finish tied with Mork & Mindy as the #3 show of the 1978-1979 season. It was #1 in 1976-1977, knocking out All In the Family after its five year run at the top. Happy Days finished second in the 1977-1978 TV season.


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