Remembering Mets History (1969) The Amazing Mets Wives Get Ready For the World Series

Phyllis McGraw
 In October of 1969 the New York Times ran a special article on the Mets wives. The Mets were now the Amazing Mets & on their way to the World Series. A few of the wives gathered on 94th St near LaGuardia airport, home of Tug & Phyliss McGraw.

The wives were to leave Shea Stadium by bus at 1PM, the day before the World Series Game #1 was to begin. The wives were dressed to the latest fashions of the swinging sixties, but the times were still conservative, especially in baseball. They could not adopt the latest no-bra look while on the road.

Lyn McAndrew
Lyn McAndrew wife of Mets pitcher Jim McAndrew was eight months pregnant with child. She said "Times sure have changed. When I use to tell someone what my husband did, they'd say, "The Mets?" Your husband plays for the Mets??" and then they'd turn their heads & laugh"

The players on the winning team of the World Series in 1969, received $15,000 each at the time. Most of the wives didn't want to talk about the money but some did.

Lynn Dyer
Lynn Dyer who was traveling with her two children said "We are going to invest it to make money for our kids."

 Mrs. Jack DiLauro said if she won the money "We'd really like to buy a duplex". The DiLauro's were voted most "cutest couple" in high school back in Akron, Ohio.

Melanie Pfiel, wife of utility player Bobby Pfiel, was known as the "nut" among the wives, due to her humorous nature. 

Melanie Pfeil
She said her husband was very depressed after being cut from the playoff roster but they "would pay off their 1969 Buick Skylark" with their share of the money.

The wives said their Mets husbands were always looking for them in the stands & doing things to show them they spotted them. Tug McGraw famously use to pound his glove hand, on his thigh, after leaving the mound, usually after a strike out or a win. That was way to send his signal to his wife, the former airline stewardess, Phyliss.

Nancy Seaver
The woman who wrote the article asked if the wives were afraid of their Me husbands being unfaithful on the road. 

The response was no & Tom Seaver the leader of the team, was given credit. Mrs. Pfiel said Tom & Nancy have such a good relationship, the guys would start to lose respect for each other if any of them cheated. 

"Besides they have a pretty good looking group of wives to come home too."

Nolan & Ruth Ryan
They all agreed that Ruth Ryan, Nolan's wife was the prettiest of the group. "She's just naturally beautiful, she doesn't even wear make up" said Phyliss McGraw.


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