Former Met Lenny Dykstra's Dramas Continue

Lenny Dykstra is in the news again & of course it is not good. According to his neighbors in Linden, New Jersey, Dykstra has been using his home as a boarding house, renting rooms for $1000 a month. One quote was that it has become "a den of drugs & prostitution" with lots of other illegal & annoying things happening inside.

In using the home as a boarding house, he is violating several fire & building codes. Dykstra was fined before & ordered to remove the illegal occupants. 

When officials entered the home in January, they found a bedroom downstairs & four bedrooms upstairs. There were several rooms with locks that Dykstra didn't a keys for, which is strange since he is the owner of the home.

The local congresswoman, the mayors office & the police have gotten several complaints including: Transient people, coming & going at all times of the night. People fighting on the front lawn. Piles of garbage outside the house, multiple noise complaints, one claiming there was a hammering bang going on through the night. 

Some one complained, they saw people throwing yellow liquids out of an upstairs window. Besides all that, one disturbing comment said that two people have already overdosed in the house.

Dykstra & his lawyer have not commented on the latest drama.


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