Metallica Is Back With : Death Magnetic

Metallica is back with a new album "Death Magnetic". Released last week September 10 th, it debuted at #1 on the Billboard album charts. It was the 5th album of Metallica's to debut at #1. No other band has ever accomplished this. But the process of charting albums has changed through the years so that doesn't really mean much. More importantly it sounds like the old, real Metallica. It's getting great reviews and is definitely worth checking out.It's tough for a band like Metallica to capture the raw power that they had at a time when they were completely new & different on the scene. Totally noncommercial, and setting the standard for Heavy Metal style of the late 1980's. I still remember the 1st time I heard "Master of Puppets" at Lamore East in Queens, saying to myself what the hell is this, Its awesome. It was the soundtrack to many great moments in the Summer of '86. They broke through to the mainstream with the "Black Album" and turned off many of their original fans after that. Especially when Lars wouldn't shut his mouth all over MTV!!

But these are new times. The new album is good stuff, its not "Master" but their best work since "And Justice For All". Recorded in Los Angeles from March through May 2008 it's their first release in 4 years. It features the new bassist Robert Trujillo and the big three: James Hetfield (who wrote all the lyrics) on lead vocals & guitars, Kirk Hammett on lead guitar, & Lars Ulrich on drums. The album contains another great instrumental in the tradition of "Orion" & " To Live is To Die" with "Suicide & Redemption". The song is the longest studio recording on any Metallica song coming in at 10:02. Of the 10 new songs on the album. Seven of them are over seven minutes long.

Track Listing: "That Was Just Your Life""The End of the Line""Broken, Beat & Scarred""The Day That Never Comes""All Nightmare Long""Cyanide""The Unforgiven III""The Judas Kiss""Suicide & Redemption""My Apocalypse"


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