FERRAGOSTO 2008 - "Little Italy in the Bronx"

It was a beautiful day on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx on Sunday afternoon for the Ferragosto 2008 Festival.

Ferragosto is an Italian holiday usually celebrated on August 15 in Italy. Its origins date back to ancient Rome as a celebration of the middle of the summer and the end of the hard labour in the fields. In time, the Catholic Church adopted this date to commemorate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Italian name of the holiday derives from its original Latin name, Feriae Augusti (Fairs of the Emperor Augustus). In present days, Ferragosto is mainly a short holiday where Italian people have short vacations.

It's is a festival of great food, Italian music and good people celebrated on the second Sunday in September in the Bronx.

The parking was an absolute nightmare and spots were very tough to get within a good walking distance. But after that was said & done, Ferragosto did not disappoint. The streets on Arthur Ave. were packed from 187th St up to Crescent Ave with beautiful Italian people. Many people who have lived in the neighborhood or had some origins of growing up here always come back for this feast day. It was the most people I have ever seen here as its numbers are growing each year. The area was loaded with cars from out of state as well as people from the other boroughs & suburbs.
All the business' were set up on the street selling their goods and all great the Restaurants had outside table seating along the avenue. Ann & Tony's, Rigoletto's, Roberto's, Zero Otto Nove, & Enzo's were all packed cooking up some of the best food of the Bronx's Little Italy has to offer.

We enjoyed some fresh roasted pig, sausage & peppers, Sicilian Pizza from Catania's, Prosciutto bread & fresh Italian bread from Addeo & Maddonia Bakeries. Italian Foccacia from Mikes Deli, Pastry, Cookies & Italian Lemon Ices from Artuso, Dalillo & Edgido's bakeries.

Papa Lou , Elyse, & Mamma Maria

with my Aunt
There was music on the street, as a young man played some awesome Italian music wailing on the accordion as we were eating our desserts. At first I thought this was a CD until I saw him playing, fine job young man. The side street had a band stage set up and there was some great oldies bands & Italian singers through out the day. Larry Chance & the Earls, & Domenic Chianese were also on hand.

There were even some actors & actresses running around playing out small acts on the streets, jugglers & clowns also on hand to entertain. What a great day to revisit the area, see some old family & friends and eat some great food. See you all next year. Caio tutti, e' mangia...............................

Vera & Ralph Jr. (Ann & Tony's)

Porchetta- Italian Pig Roast

cella luna metza mada......


Anonymous said…
I read about Ann & Tony's restaurant at Abbondanza (www.inabbondanza.com), I can't wait to go and eat there on Sept. 13th during the 2009 Ferragosto celebration.

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