Sep 2, 2020

In Memory of Tom Seaver

It is with deep sadness that we say must say good bye to Tom Seaver upon his passing.

Tom Seaver was my baseball hero, as a kid he was the reason, growing up in the Bronx, that I became a Mets fan. Seaver was the greatest of them all, the best pitcher of his generation & one of the best of all time. He made the Mets respectable, he made them winners. He was a class act that worked hard, gave it his all & demanded respect. He loved the fans as much as we loved him. 

He led them to an Amazing World Series win in 1969, when they were the ultimate underdogs. Four years later, in 1973, he led them to another pennant, just falling short by one game of another Championship. This was the team I fell in love with.

He won 311 career games, but rarely had the distinction of pitching on teams that scored him any runs. It was usually 2-1 or 1-0 victories. Imagine how many games he would have won if his teams scored more for him. In 1977 the Mets broke our hearts when they traded him away. Baseball was never the same.

Our prayers go to his wife Nancy, his daughters & their families. At this point there is not much more I can say since I am saddened & some what shocked by this news.

Centerfieldmaz will post tributes to Tom Seaver over the next few days..............................

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Larry Remembers said...

One of the most well-grounded public figures ever : a solid citizen -a tribute to his parents Charles & Betty. When he came up in 1967,while not the phenom that was BobFeller or a future DocGooden ,he set a standard for maturity & consistency,only to improve to the highest level. He was a no-nonsense competitor who balanced that with sportsmanship. Regrets? : should’ve started G7 of the 1973 WS,traded in 1977 and/or dumped in 1983 and end his career in the wrong dugout on Oct.27,1986 ; but more importantly, contracting this vicious illness. If there’s a Heaven, he’s already there doing what he did here : setting an example. His company will be appreciated by many.