Aug 8, 2020

Tommie Agee Baseball Cards Thru the Years

Tommie Agee had two Rookie Cards issued, the first being his 1965 Topps Indians Rookie stars Card. By 1966 he had been dealt to the White Sox & appeared on their Rookie stars cards.

After a good rookie year, Agee made the 1967 Topps All Star Rookie Team.

In 1968 Agee was traded to the New York Mets, the card team logo is correct, but the picture of course still had Agee in his Sox uniform.

Agee's 1969 Mets card still has him in his powder blue White Sox uniform of the day. A classic Topps airbrush on the helmet attempted to make it look like a Mets house.

After his 1969 World Series game saving catches & being a member of the Amazing Mets Championship team, Agee was a star. In 1970 there were multiple Agee cards floating around. He was on a Topps player card, a Topps poster insert, was featured on two World Series subset cards & a Topps Super Card. *Topps Super Cards were a set featuring 42 large sized cards (3 1/8 x 5 1/4).

 Agee's 1970 Topps poster. The poster set featured 24 players on 8-11/16 x 9- 5/8 posters folded up & inserted in the wax packs.

In 1970 Kelloggs cereal produced their first set of cards, they would issue a series of cards  for 14 years through 1983. Agee had a 1970 & 1971 Kelloggs Card.

The Agee World Series Game #3 Card honors him for Amazing catches. 

Agee is also featured on the Mets Celebrate Card along with Ken Boswell, Nolan Ryan & Wayne Garrett.

The 1971 Topps Agee card is a great action shot of the speedy Agee sliding into second base, probably stealing a base. Notice the infielders, the Astros Joe Morgan is backing up the play, after Denis Menke let the ball get by. Morgan & Menke would soon be parts of the Big Red Machine.

1971 also featured another Topps Super -Agee card.

The 1972 Topps Agee card, had him donning a blue Mets wind breaker during batting practice at Shea Stadium on a sunny afternoon. The Mets also pictured a Color Picture Card Pack


This 1973 Topps Tommie Agee baseball card in a classic early seventies Topps airbrushing job.
In November 1972, Agee was traded from the Mets to the Houston Astros. By the time the 1973 Topps baseball cards were ready to roll out, Topps knew Agee had been traded, but had no photos of him in his new uniform. So they got their air brush atrist to paint over the Mets uniform letters in white. Then, they painted his sox, caps & sleeves to something close to Astros orange. Although its more of a maroonish red.

Notice there's no Houston or Astro name, nor any numbers on the plain white uniform. It's hard to imagine there were no other recent Agee photos available, like one with him not wearing a cap. Then, Topps could have given us one of their classic still head shots from that era.

The Astros played inside the Houston Astrodome at the time, they would be wearing a darker road uniform in an outdoor Stadium. This picture was taken on a beautifal day at Shea Stadium in 1972. Notice the classic 371 mark on the dark green outfield wall & the white bus parked in the Shea parking lot.

It has to be 1972, because Rusty Staub is the rightfielder coming in on the play, behind Mets second baseman Kenny Boswell. Rusty arrived with the Mets for the first time in 1972. 

Interestingly Rusty Staub has no 1972 or 1973 Topps cards, beacuse he was one of the last players to join the newly former Players Union, who had cut an exclusive deal with Topps. 

1974 was the last regular issue for Tommie Agee cards. By now his card showed him in a Cardinals uniform. Later that year he was issued in the Topps traded set, going to the Dodgers.

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