1933 World Champion New York Giants Short Stop: Blondy Ryan (1933-1934/ 1937-1938)

John Collins “Blondy” Ryan was born January 4, 1906 in Lynn, Massachusetts. The fiery enthusiastic infielder was signed as an amateur free agent in 1930 by the Chicago White Sox. He made his MLB debut that same year batting .207 in 28 games. He spent the next two years in the minors getting to the Polo Grounds in 1933 under Bill Terry.

That off season he was traded to New York for Doc Marshall & cash. Ryan arrived in New York at the right time, and even though his career was brief, he won a World Series with the 1933 Giants. Doc Marshall had been the short stop in 1932 when the Giants finished in sixth place, he had hit .248 without any HRs & 28 RBIs.

Blondy Ryan was known for his fielding, especially his outstanding range. He would commit 42 errors in 1933 but his .950 fielding percentage still put him above the rest of the league. He led the league in assists (494) had 832 chances with 296 put outs (5th in the NL). His fielding was so good; he got 24% of the votes for the MVP award. At the plate he hit .238 with 3 HRs 48 RBIs & 5 triples. He struck out 62 times and drew 15 walks posting a .259 on base %.

Post Season: In the World Series victory against the Washington Senators he played in all five games and hit .278 (5-18) with an RBI. In 1934 he proved his versatility playing 65 games at third base, 30 games at short & 25 games at second base. He hit .242 with 19 doubles & 12 sacrifice hits (9th best in the league).

In November of 1934 he was traded with Pretzel Pezzullo, Johnny Vergez, George Watkins and cash to the Philadelphia Phillies for All Star Dick Bartell. Bartell was one of the better hitting short stops of the day & would hit .300 for the Giants over the next couple of years.

Blondy saw limited playing time in Philadelphia, after 39 games he was sold to the AL New York team across the Harlem River. In 1936 he didn’t play in the majors but returned in 1937 as a utility player, back with the New York Giants. He was Once again getting traded for Doc Marshall. Although he only played in 21 games, he got another World Series at bat going 0-1 in 1937.

He finished up his six year career in 1938, as a lifetime .239 hitter with 318 hits 8 HRs 36 doubles 13 triples & 133 RBIs.

In 264 games at short he posted a .936 fielding % turning 160 double plays with 91 errors in 264 games (1431 chances). He also played 93 games at third base & 33 games at second base. 

Passing: Ryan passed away at the young age of 53 in Swampscott Massachusetts.


Cliff Blau said…
You left out the big story about Ryan, how he was hurt in 1933 and stayed home while the team was on a trip. When he was ready to rejoin the team, he sent a telegram saying, "Am on my way. They can't beat us now." See http://thedeadballera.com/Obits/Obits_R/Ryan.Blondy.Obit.html

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