Tug McGraw's "You Gotta Believe" Was Coined In New York

So it seems the Philadelphia Phillies have two new murals painted at their Spring Training Facility, honoring the only two Championship Teams in their long 134 year history. (That's a Championship every 67 years.) One honors former New York Met & Phillie pitcher; Tug McGraw.

McGraw started the phrase back in 1973, a rally cry that led the Mets to the 1973 National Leauge Pennant. (see post below). The slogan is legendary in Mets history & Tug McGraw's legacy where his baseball history began. In his career, McGraw did pitch one more year in Philadelphia (10 years)than in New York (9 years) & did use the phrase to less fan fare in Philly as well.

Trivia: The slogan is now actually a trademark of the Tug McGraw Foundation.

Tug McGraw was one of the star relievers in an age when the relief pitcher, known as "fireman" was coming into the lime light. McGraw was also a character that added to his celebrity status. He is not in Cooperstown but honored by both the Mets & the Phillies Halls of Fame.

If the Phillies thought that slogan was such a part of their history back when Citizen's Bank Ball Park opened, and not as desperate for attention as they are now, wouldn't the phrase be on his plaque like it is in the Mets Hall of Fame at Citi Field?

It's like saying Ritchie Ashburn should be wearing a New York Mets hat in Cooperstown as opposed to one with a big "P" on it. Ashburn was the star of the 1962 Mets team & the first Met to hit .300, his only season in New York. He spent 12 with those Phils.

**The best response I saw said it best "You Gotta be kiddin" Phillies.


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