Mike Piazza To Enter Hall of Fame As a New York Met

In case there was any doubt, Mike Piazza announced today that he will be entering the hallowed Halls of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, forever wearing a Mets cap.

"I'm going in as a New York Met" he said. These are words that bring a smile to all Mets fans faces & maybe a tear in their eye. It's a sigh of relief that Piazza got what he worked so hard for & certainly deserved.

He now joins Tom Seaver as the second Met to officially enter as a New York Met. It has been a great year for the New York Mets & their fans as well. It certainly is much deserved. From the team reigning as National League Champions to Piazza entering the Hall of Fame, it's great to be a Mets fan.

The induction ceremony will take place July 24th at Cooperstown New York.



John Sharp said…
Love Piazza, dince he was a Dodgers rookie. I voted for him in my BBA ballots.. Congrats to all Mets fans!

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