Sep 10, 2009

(1954) NY Giants Catcher Ray Katt Allows 4 Passed Balls In Inning

September 10, 1954: The 1st place NY Giants are playing the Cincinnati Reds in the Polo Grounds. Down 6-1 in the top of the 8th inning, rookie Hoyt Wilhelm comes into pitch. Wilhelm is already 11-4 with 7 saves, and the best reliever in baseball. His best pitch is the knuckleball a very tough pitch to handle. Behind the plate today is back up catcher Ray Katt.

Katt was a much better hitter than regular catcher (future Mets manager) Wes Westrum who only hit .187 (8 HRs 27 RBIs, in 98 games). Katt batted .255 with 9 HRs & 33 RBIs in 86 games. Defensivley it seems Katt wasnt use to th knuckleball as he has hard time handling it today.

He sets a record with four passed balls in the inning. With two outs and a runner on first, Wilhelm gets a little wild. He walks two batters and Katt gets credit for two passed balls. The next batter is future Mets player & coach Roy McMillan. Wilhelm throws two knuckle balls which get by Katt and get scored passed balls. Two more runs score & Katt enters the record books.
The runner on third Bobby Adams expects another passed ball & takes off for home on a pitch in the dirt. Katt comes up with it & tags Adams out, McMillan never recorded an official at bat even though there was alot of action while he was at the plate.

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