Paul Wows 'Em on Broadway With Mini Concert & On TV With Letterman

Paul McCartney returned to the Ed Sullivan Theater, where the Beatles wowed America and made history 45 years ago. He made his first appearance on the Letterman Show and played a mini concert outside atop the Theater's Marquee rooftop, ala the Let It Be movie rooftop scene.

Broadway & the surrounding streets were closed off for the event. Thousands of fans gathered on the streets and hundreds crowded around their office windows for a glimpse of Paul playing live. It was another great Macca event so different & so good.

The TV songs aired, were "Get Back" & the Fireman "Sing The Changes". Paul sounds great, as does the band, and he's looking good too. The fans on Broadway also got "Band on the Run" "Let Me Roll It" & "Coming Up" from his Wings days then two White Album Beatle classics "Back In The USSR" & "Helter Skelter". If that doesnt send shivers down your spine & excite you about the upcoming Citi Field Shows, then nothing will.

As for the interview with Letterman Paul stole the show talking about his 1st trip to NY & being on the Sullivan show. Letterman asked if it brought back memories, “Yes, it really, does, actually," McCartney said. "It was kind of scary the first time.... I had to do ‘Yesterday,’ my song, on my own, and I’d never done this. I’d always had the band with me. But suddenly they said, ‘You’re doing ‘Yesterday,’ so I said, ‘Okay.’ " McCartney said he was standing there behind the curtain waiting to begin when the floor manager came over to him. He said, ‘You nervous?’ And I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘You should be, there’s 73 million people watching.” (Yesterday was played on the last Beatles live performance on Sullivan in 1965.)

Letterman said it must have been like you guys were on a long Spring Break. McCartney said, “Well, it certainly seemed like that, you know. You say spring break, we went down to Miami. The British car firm loaned us an MG each, and, you know, there was a beach and sand and girls, and, come on!”

He spoke of his work with
Michael Jackson, how a soft voice called him at home on Christmas asking if he wanted to make a hit record. Paul joked, ‘Yeah, sure,’ so, you know, being of the hitmaking variety." He then said how the two lost touch after he bought the Beatles catalog. He mentioned how he tried to buy it back, thinking now he would get a good deal on his songs inally. Paul was a gentleman, saying nothing negative, , just that Jackson will be missed.

Next up; Friday Night, the Citi Field opener, centerfieldmaz willl be there, 15th row! Review to follow..... Gates open at 5:30, all concessions will be open for food. Rumor has it parking will be $30.


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