Paul McCartney's latest project- The Fireman -"Electric Arguments"

When I first heard of Paul McCartney's new project the Fireman, I thought is was just electronic techno music like the past. Then I was listening to the Sirius "Coffee House" channel and I heard Paul's voice but was unfamiliar with the song, how Can this be?? I was shocked to see "Two Magpies" by The Fireman.

The Fireman is a duo that consists of Paul McCartney & producer Martin Glover known as "Youth". Glover is a founding member of the U.K. band Killing Joke. He is known for his electronic productions & psychedelic trance music.

The two first teamed up in 1993 when McCartney asked Youth to mix some songs from his "Off the Ground" album for 12" singles. They began with samples of those songs and a couple of Wings songs from "Back to the Egg": "Reception" & "the Broadcast". Soon Paul was so involved in the project an album made. The result was an electronic, techno, dance music album titled "Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest" credited to the Fireman. It never mentioned McCartney on the credits but rumors started circulating & eventually EMI confirmed them. The two quietly followed up with "Rushes" in 1998.

The project was asleep for 10 years until & the current release of "Electric Arguments". The announcement came on McCartney's official web site last month,marking the first time a Firemen project was promoted by Paul himself. Also for the first time a Fireman album has vocals on it. Many of the lyrics come from beat nick poets of the sixties, even the title was taken from a line in an Allen Ginsberg poem.The music itself is very experimental, and way beyond just samples. It goes every where into all genres, using layers of sounds & effects.

The album took only 13 days to make & most of it was improvised in the studio. McCartney claims there was a strict rule to complete each song in just one day. In comparing this new album with a regular solo project, Paul said, “ We had creative freedom to make this album any way we wanted. It could have been very carefully considered but that wouldn’t be The Fireman.” It reminds him of the freedom that was used during the Sgt. Pepper days. 40 years later it has almost a White Album feel.

It's the first Fireman album to chart debuting at #67 on the British album charts. The album is getting rave reviews and 4 stars from the likes of Rolling Stone, Uncut, All Music, the Daily Mail & Billboard. Paul said the Fireman might even tour!

I think the album/CD is great. I always love it when Paul does noncommercial stuff, and ventures away from the polished pop love song. This album is him unrehearsed at his best. There are echo's from all McCartney pasts. From Beatles tricks, to traces of Wings, rock n roll, acoustic guitar, piano, psychedelia, chants, trance, harmonica, flutes, vocals, & sound effects. More importantly it's all different & fresh. I can't stop listening to it.

A quick look at some of the songs:
"Light From Your Lighthouse" & 'Sun is Shining" sounds like they are off Wings albums.
"Sing the Changes" is modern pyschadelic, pepperish, wings, masterpiece.
"Highway" is a classic Paul rocker.
"Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight" sounds like something of a modern day Helter Skelter before the editing.
"Two Magpies "sounds like it came off Flaming Pie or dare I say it, could even fit on the White Album.
"Traveling Light" is beautiful dreamy song that sound like your floating on a stream as fresh water trickles down on you on a warm summer day.
"Dance Til We're High" is a sixties type epic & maybe my fav..

Track list: (all songs written by Paul McCartney)
Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight Two Magpies
Sing The Changes
Travelling Light
Light From Your Lighthouse
Sun Is Shining
Dance 'Till We're High
Lifelong Passion
Is This Love?
Lovers In A Dream
Universal Here, Everlasting Now
Don't Stop Running


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