Mar 8, 2021

Remembering Mets History (1999) 1969 Amazing Mets On Everybody Loves Raymond

 March 1999: In the third season of the TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond" (Episode 19 titles "Big Shots"), Ray takes his brother Robert to the Hall of Fame for a 1969 World Champion Mets autograph signing event. The Barone's mother, Marie, forces Raymond to take Robert to the show.

When the brothers arrive at the Hall of Fame, they line is long. 

Robert encourages Ray to use his
sportswriter authority to avoid the line. 

After aggravating the 1969 Amazing's, Ray & Robert are thrown out of the event. On their way home, they get pulled over for speeding. Now Robert tries to use his authority, of being a cop to avoid the ticket, but to no luck.

On their drive home the Barone brothers break out into the song "Meet the Mets"

Former 1969 Mets included Bud Harrelson, Tug McGraw, Tommie Agee, Jerry Grote, Cleon Jones, Ed Kranepool, Ron Swoboda & Art Shamsky. Shamsky was the name of the Barone's bull dog as it was Roberts favorite player on the team. The second family dog, was named Shamsky II by Robert as well.

Ray tries to talk to Tug McGraw, asking Tug if he remembers him. Tug remembers the article Ray wrote on ex jocks becoming announcers & it didn't sit too well with him.

Ray Romano as well as his character Ray Barone is a big Mets fan in real life. He joins TV stars of
the era Kevin James & Jerry Seinfeld in being Mets fans.

I can remember during a Mets broadcast, that Tom Seaver was asked why he did not appear in the episode. Apparently it was over money. Seaver asked back, "how much does Ray Romano get for each episode?" When it was pointed out that it was over a million dollars, Seaver said "Well??"

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