2019- Syndergaard Carries the Team To A Pathetic Win

In this day & age when everything supposedly makes history, it is what Noah Syndergaard did today by pitching a complete game shut out. He also hit a HR providing the pathetic Mets offense with the only run it scored in two days to the Cincinnati Reds. Not a team expecting to contend.

I am bitter in this writing in many ways, I've all but given up on this season again, .500 at best is what I'm seeing. A nice little start has stalled to being pathetic. Noah had to drive in the only run because this team can't hit, he had to pitch a complete game because the bull pen is also horrible. If Syndergaard & deGrom can provide pitching as they did in the past, maybe two good outings by a starting staff that has also been horrible.

This history making day, as they call it, is nothing people who have experienced life longer than others haven't seen before. Complete games were a regular thing when I was a kid & growing up, thee bullpen was for guys who couldn't cut it as starters. If a pitcher is pitching well, why take him out? so the bullpen can come in and blow a 1-0 lead. That's usually the case since the Mets don't score runs.

Tom Seaver made a living of winning complete games & driving in his own runs, its sad to see that kind of history repeat itself.

Sorry for the negativity but I am almost done with this team, I've seen this kind of play way too many times in their past. The manager has to go, he is way out of his league at the helm of a MLB team. We know the as long as the Wilpon idiot combo of father like son, has the ownership, we are doomed. If you have some thing almost 40 years & only come out on top once, you've failed!


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