Concert Review: Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band (2014 Tour @ Westbury Music Fair)

What's My name? RINGO! the crowd yells back, as the legendary Ringo Starr performs another spectacular live concert. 

This Tour marks the thirteenth time Ringo Starr has taken to the road with another version of his All Starr Band. The show stars Ringo, who sings his classic Beatle tunes as well as some great stuff from his solo career. He then goes & plays the drums as members of his All Star Band take the spotlight. 

The All Starr's consist of veteran rockers who were at one time or another members of other famous bands. It makes for a great show, some one always brings something to the stage that surprises you. It's also a good chance to see people who you might not go see if they were out there on their own. This was my tenth Ringo All Star Band show & through the years I saw some great people on these tours.

This show was super special, first off it was at the intimate Westbury Music Fair Theater and it was in the half round, as opposed to the rotating stage. Second of all we had great seats, pretty much centered in the sixth row. A friend of mine; Mark who was sitting with his wife, two rows in front of us said it best, it was like you could reach out & touch him. I am proud to say all photos used here are by centerfieldmaz!

Steve Lukather, Ringo, Greg Bissonett, Richard Paige & Todd Rundgren
 Another great treat besides an overall great show, was Ringo doing a few songs I had not seen him do live before. He opened up with the Beatles "Match Box" which he sang lead. Match Box was originally a Carl Perkins tune, that had been performed live by the Beatles since 1961 with Pete Best on vocals. Match Box hit #17 on the charts in the U.S. in 1964.

Ringo also did "Don't Pass Me By"(the first song he wrote) from the classic Beatles White album. Ringo made a joke saying "after I wrote this one I said Lennon & McCartney look out!" He also did two songs off his 2012 album "Wings" & "Anthem".

Ringo looks absolutely fantastic for his age or any age. Certainly in top health as he bounced around singing & then jumping on to the drum kit all night. He wore his classic sun glasses with his tight short hair cut looking great. Always the cool guy, Ringo joked with the crowd through the night taking it all very easy going. That whats so great about Ringo, very cool, casual & laid back but always professional & likeable. This is another reason why all these musicians want to go on tour with him.

One of his great lines was "this is a song I did with those other guys in a band I use to be in" as the crowd cheers he says "Rory Storm & the Hurricanes". In case you didn't know it was his band before the Beatles.

Ringo did his other Beatles classics Boys, Honey Dont, Act Naturally & a song that is one of the most fun songs you'll see performed live: Yellow Submarine. Complete with the crowd sing alongs. Ringo closes the show with the great "A Little Help From My Friends". To me this is such a great live concert moment as you can feel the Beatles spirit so strongly. Oh imagine Lennon & McCartney singing back up to Ringo Starr, that's how great that band was! If only I could see that live.

All Starr Band 2014
Ringo did some of his solo classics as well, in case you didn't realize it he had some solo career with a lot of good songs.

The 2014 version of the All Starr Band featured the great, legendary Todd Rundgren (solo, The Nazz, Utopia, The New Cars) on guitar, harmonica, bass, percussion, keyboards & vocals. Todd is a musical genius & this was his third time out with Ringo. 

Todd Rundgren
Always the elaborate looking rocker, Todd sports long black hair with thick grey streaks in the center. He wore thick grey framed glasses matching his hair colored streaks, a shirt with a target centered on it & fluorescent green sneakers. Todd was awesome doing Bang on the Drum All Day!

On Keyboards & vocals was Greg Rolie, a founding member of both Santana & Journey. Rolie is the lead vocal on Santana's Evil Ways & Black Magic woman, as well as his the bands early keyboards sound. He was fantastic.

Greg Rolie
On guitar was a fantastic guitar player; Steve Lukather. Lukather is a legendary session player who is best known for being in the band Toto. I am not a big fan of their songs, although I love "Hold the Line" but his guitar playing was exceptional.

On bass was Richard Page from Mr. Mister & the main drummer was Greg Bissonette who was also outstanding. Warren Ham was on sax, keyboards & vocals, especially helping out Lukather with the Toto high notes. Ham took the place of veteran Ringo musical director, Mark Rivera who is busy with the Billy Joel shows.

SET LIST: Westbury, Long Island New York (6/11/14)

Matchbox (Ringo-Beatles song)
It Dont Come Easy (Ringo)
Wings (Ringo)
I Saw The Light (Todd Rundgren solo song)
Evil Ways (Greg Rolie- Santana song)
Rosanna (Steve Lukather- Toto song)
Kyrie (Richard Page- Mr. Mister song)
Bang on the Drum All Day (Todd Rundgren solo song)
Boys (Ringo- Beatles song)
Dont Pass Me By (Ringo- Beatles song)
Yellow Submarine (Ringo- Beatles song)
Black Magic Woman (Greg Rolie- Santana song)
Honey Don't (Ringo- Beatles song)
Anthem (Ringo)
You Are Mine (Richard Page- Mr. Mister song)
Africa (Steve Lukather- Toto song)
Oye como Va (Greg Rolie- Santana song)
Love Is the Answer (Todd Rundgren- Utopia song)
I Wanna Be Your Man (Ringo- Beatles song)
Broken Wings (Richard Page- Mr. Mister song)
Hold the Line (Steve Lukather- Toto song)
Photograph (Ringo)
Act Naturally (Ringo- Beatles song)
With A Little Help From My Friends (Ringo- Beatles song)
Give Peace a Chance (Ringo & Band- John Lennon song)

"I Get by With A Little Help From My Friends"

Ringo & the All Starr Band will be at the Beacon Theater next week June 17th & 18th, as well as Atlantic City & Red Bank New Jersey on the 20th & 21st.

Todd Rundgren: Bang On the Drum All Day!


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