Paul McCartney Weds on John Lennons 71st Birthday

On what would have been John Lennon's 71st birthday, Paul McCartney chose to get married. As a die hard Beatles fan, "maybe I'm amazed" (or not) at some of the decisions & comments Paul has made since Johns tragic passing so many  (31) years ago. Most notably wanting to change the song writing credits to McCartney/ Lennon changing the pact the two had made "all those years ago" as kids.

Of all days to wed, why pick John's birthday? And not for nothing why pick the same place (Old Marylebone Town Hall Registry Office)  he married Linda Eastman back in 1969?

Don't get me wrong I love Paul & wish him "all the best" with his new lovely American wife Nancy Shevell. I just feel his timing is sometimes off, many of us Beatles fans consider John's birthday a special day which we remember in his honor. I know fans still gather at Strawberry Fields in Central Park in Johns memory, I did so for twenty years.

I still don't understand why he wants to wed for a third time at his age, or at any age for that matter. I don't think he plans to have anymore children, but what do I know. At least we know Nancy isn't after his money since she is very successful & wealthy.

Paul met Nancy in the Hampton's & have been dating for four years. She is an heiress & executive V.P. to a freight trucking conglomerate, Administration of New England Motor Freight, Inc. (NEMF) and the Shevell Group of Companies.

The ceremony was low key although there were many fans on hand & alot of media attention. A small reception followed at Paul's home in St. John's Wood with family & friends. Among those in attendance were Ringo Starr & his wife Barbra Bach, Rolling Stone Ron Wood, Twiggy & guitarist Jeff Beck. Paul's children were all on hand I believe & much happier than his last nightmare of a marriage to Heather Mills.


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