Mets Welcome Back Jose Reyes

So the Mets have signed Jose Reyes after a five year stretch where he played in South Florida, Toronto & Colorado. Although he batted .296 in 2013 (in just 93 games) Reyes has not hit .300 since he left the Mets. That season he was the only Mets player ever to win a batting title.

In 2012 he played 160 games in Miami but has seen less time each year. He has not hit double digits in HRs since 2013 (10) but did drive in 50 runs in 2014 & 2015 while stealing 20 plus bases three times since leaving the Mets.

Jose is now 33 years old, but an injury plagued 33 year old career with an ugly domestic violence issue & suspension looming over his head. Mentally he is happy the Mets gave him a chance & the fans will be happy to see him again. He didn't leave on the best terms taking himself out of the game after sealing the battling title. Jose got a little to big for his pants & since he left he has never been the same player  but the Mets became National League Champions.

It's a different Mets team now & Jose has to prove he can still play. The Mets are talking lead off because they need production & speed from that spot. The Mets are also talking third base & outfield? That may be a lot to ask, from Jose. But hopefully the Mets can catch lightning in  a bottle & the chants of Jose Jose Jose will start up in a pennant race in 2016.

'Quotes: Sandy Alderson Mets statement: 'We made the decision to offer a contract to Jose after extensive consideration and discussion with Jose, his representatives, Major League Baseball and various departments at the Mets. We are convinced that Jose has accepted responsibility for his actions and their consequences and have confirmed he is taking steps beyond those prescribed by MLB, including ongoing counseling. Accordingly, we believe he deserves a second chance to return to our organization.''

The Mets will be paying Reyes the league minimum & the Rockies eating $39 million, that's how fed up they were with him.

Reyes will start in Brooklyn with the A ball Cyclones & play about a week worth of games there before coming up to the big league club.

Quotes: Jose Reyes: ''As I have expressed in the past, I deeply regret the incident that occurred and remain remorseful and apologetic to my family. I have completed the counseling required by MLB, have been in ongoing therapy, and will continue with counseling going forward. I appreciate the Mets organization for believing in me and providing the opportunity to come back home to New York.''


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