The Memorial Site of NY Giants Star Fred Merkle

History remembers Fred Merkle for one bad play back in an important 1908 game at the Polo Grounds and not for the good ball player & person he was. In 2005 David Stalker found out Merkle was buried in an unmarked grave in Florida, he contacted the Merkle family to help fund him build a monument in his honor. A design was worked out along with Archie Monuments Co. & a location at The Octagon House at the Watertown Historical Society was selected.

The Fred Merkle memorial Monument was erected in 2005 and is a huge success. Not only is it visited by local residents, but baseball fans, media outlets, web sites & old NY Giants fans as well have made the journey to honor the memory of Fred Merkle. The monument dosen’t mention anything about the base running blunder, instead it honors a good ballplayer whose long career took him to six World Series. According to David Stalker: “I truly feel that I have brought justice to the man who was, and still is admired by his family, as he was by his close contacts throughout his life. Fred was an intelligent, competitive man that always gave 100% in everything he did.”

There is a Youtube television video on Merkle, and an
upcoming book (more info to come soon) to be released in March, about Merkle’s life. In Chicago,outside of Wrigleyville, The Fred Merkle Bar & Grill proudly displays a photo of the monument on its walls.

Stalker is involved in erecting nine other monuments across the country, in honor of players from the dead ball era. Another New York Giant, Charley Faust is on that list. You can contact David Stalker for more info:


Nice piece on Merkle. For more information your readers can go to our new book, Public Bonehead, Private Hero -- order at - endorsements by Dave Stalker and Marianne Merkle among others.

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