Mets Part Ways Will Beltran- This Wholee Thing Is Ridiculous

The Mets & Carlos Beltran have mutually decided to part ways. 
I don't want to get to into this too much, as I feel it & everything surrounding this whole cheating thing is ridiculous. Ever since the inception of the game, some one on some team has been trying to get an advantage over another team. 

To do this & ruin the lives of the individuals it has affected is not fair. Stealing signs is an art to itself & to those who say "but this was so advanced", wake up, how advanced are the sign stealers that no one even knows about? If you think it don't happen all the time,  then you are really in a dream world.

Does stealing signs help the pitchers pitch better? Make the fielders field batter? Even if you know the sign, you still got to hit it. To All the teams that got beat by the Astros, stop being sore losers, you lost, period. Funny how all the largest market teams & their fans are the biggest criers in this. Is it not an advantage that large market teams have & spend endless money to make themselves better, at all levels of the sport.

Pitchers & catchers cross up signs all the time. Coaches don't always get the signs across to their players on the same team. Team mates don't always relay signs to each other successfully either. And how often do we see & hear that players missed the signs. 

To indicate, that a team stole the other players signs, relayed them to the batter who reacted in less than a second successfully enough to win a championship is ridiculous. Besides every other aspect of the game, you still have to hit the all & succeed. I guess the other teams never changed their signs during the course of a game, a season or two seasons??

MLB is not holding any players accountable because they are to scared to address that issue. The Players Association & the fans too would go crazy. As usual MLB closes its eyes on things it wants to but flexes its muscle when they want to show they are Holier than thou.

I am not the biggest fan of Carlos Beltran, Hinch or Cora, it would be nice if the organizations stood up for their people, the people they hired, trusted & had success with. Si now one month before Spring Training, all these teams have to scramble for on the field leadership. What about the advantage that is to their opponents.


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