2019 New York Mets Leaders

It is very disappointing that the 2019 Mets did not make the post season. A terrible first half & a bad bullpen were the main reasons. If Edwin Diaz & Jeurys Familia were somewhere where they were suppose to be. It wasn't meant to be.

But it certainly was an exciting second half, with some good win streaks & magical moments. The Mets finished ten games over .500 winning 86 games, the 13th most wins the team ever had in 57 seasons. 

They were just three games short of being in the post season, with the 6th best record in the National League & the12th best record overall. It was their best record in three seasons, when they won 87 games in 2016 winning a wild card berth.

At one point early on, I couldn't even bare to watch how badly they were playing. All I wanted was just to see them compete. Then all of a sudden they went on a win streak, didn't sell at the trade dead line, acquired a top pitcher, went on another win streak & not only competed, but were in a playoff run. 

We also got to see the Rookie of the Year, Pete Alonso, win the fans & the City over. He made the All Star team, won the HR Derby, broke the rookie HR record & became the first Met to lead the league in HRs, as well as be the first Met to hit 50 plus HRs.

We got to see Jeff McNeil compete for a batting title & saw Jacob deGrom have his second straight Cy Young season. It was the first time the team ever had five players hit 20 or more HRs.

It also gives Mets fans a lot to look forward to in 2020. LFGM.


2019 Mets HR Leaders:
Pete Alonso 53
Michael Conforto 33
Jeff McNeil 23
JD Davis 22
Todd Frazier 21

2019 Mets RBI Leaders
Pete Alonso 120
Michael Conforto 92
Jeff McNeil 75
Wilson Ramos 73
Amed Rosario 72

2019 Mets Batting Leaders
Jeff McNeil .318
JD Davis .307
Wilson Ramos .288
Amed Rosario .287
Dominick Smith .282

2019 Mets Hits Leaders
Amed Rosario 177
Jeff McNeil 162
Pete Alonso 155
Michael Conforto 141
Wilson Ramos 136

2019 Mets Doubles Leaders
Jeff McNeil 38
Pete Alonso 30
Amed Rosario 30
Michael Conforto 29
Robinson Cano 28

2019 Mets Walks Leaders
Michael Conforto 84 
Pete Alonso 72

2019 Mets On Base % Leaders
Jeff McNeil .384
Brandon Nimmo .375
JD Davis .369

Triples - Amed Rosario 7
Stolen Bases - Amed Rosario 19
Slugging % - Pete Alonso .583
Games Played: Pete Alonso 161
Strike Outs - Pete Alonso 183


2019 Mets ERA Leaders
Jacob deGrom 2.43 (2nd in the NL)
Justin Wilson 2.54
Seth Lugo 2.70
Marcus Stroman 3.77
Zack Wheeler 3.96

2019 Mets Victory Leaders
Jacob deGrom 11
Zack Wheeler 11
Steven Matz 11
Noah Syndergaard 10

2019 Mets Strike Out Leaders
Jacob deGrom 255 (1st in the NL)
Noah Syndergaard 202
Zack Wheeler 195

2019 Mets Innings Leaders
Jacob deGrom 204 (3rd in the NL)
Noah Syndergaard 197 (6th in the NL)
Zack Wheeler 195

2019 Mets Appearance Leaders
Edwin Diaz 66
Jeurys Familia 66
Seth Lugo 61

2019 Mets Games Started Leaders
Jacob deGrom 32 (8th in the NL)
Noah Syndergaard 32 (8th in the NL)
Zack Wheeler 31

Saves - Edwin Diaz 26 (9th in the NL)
Walks - Steven Matz 52
HRs Allowed - Steven Matz 27


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