Aug 15, 2019

Remembering Mets History: (1986) The Mets Go Mets Go Music Video

Sunday August 17th 1986: A large crowd of 44,843 came out for this Sunday afternoon Shea doubleheader as the first place New York Mets (76-41) hosted Whitey Herzog's third place St. Louis Cardinals (59-58).

The Mets lost the first game as Cards pitcher;  John Tudor & relievers Ray Soff & Pat Perry beat the Mets 2-1. Rick Aguilera & Rick Anderon gave up a run each in the loss.

In between games, the Mets filmed the music video for their 1986 rally theme song; "Lets Go Mets Go". The tune was written & produced by Shelly Palmer & sung by Tom Bernfeld.

Doc Gooden, Gary Carter & Kevin Mitchell
The song was an idea from Jerry Della Femina & two of his executives. The Coney Island born Della Femina & his ad agency were famous for classic ads like the Meow Mix theme,  Joe Izuzu, Blue Nun wine featuring Jerry Stiller & Ann Meara, as well as Chemical Bank, Becks Beer & Pan Am airlines classics.

In the early eighties his firm became the first to win a contract with an MLB team, that club being  the New York Mets. Della Femina came up with the idea for the Mets 1980's slogan"the Magic Is Back".

That day centerfieldmaz & friends were in the Shea crowd doing the chant as directed by a video team. Shots of the fans singing, cheering & doing the wave were filmed as well as the players doing their parts on the playing field. It was geeky but all in fun & back in the 80's it was awesome. Here is the classic video:

After the festivities, I remember there being a real party atmosphere going on. Back in the eighties, us Mets fans were proud, cocky & just salivating for the playoffs to start. It was a great time to  be a Mets fan.

In the second game of that double header Randy Nieman went up against the Cards Danny Cox.

Starting Lineups

The Mets got to Cox in the 3rd inning as John Gibbons walked, Rafael Santana singled & Wally Backman doubled to make it 1-0. In the 4th Danny Heep hit a two run HR making it 3-0. Heep added an RBI double in the 5th, after the Mets had scored another run on Cardinal errors. Tim Teufel added a solo HR & in the 8th Lenny Dykstra belted a three run HR topping off the 9-2 Mets win.

Niemann pitched six innings allowing both runs on five hits. Roger McDowell notched his 12th save with three scoreless innings, striking out two with just one hit.

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