Dec 25, 2018

Remebering Mets History: Al Jackson Pitches The First One Hitter In Mets History (1962)

Al Jackson '62 Mets
Friday June 22nd 1962: two of the leagues N.L. expansion teams faced off in a memorable game at the Polo Grounds. It was the first game of a Friday twi-night doubleheader.

Manager Harry Craft's Houston Colt 45's (30-36) 13.5 games out, were doing better than Casey Stengel's New York Mets (18-47) already 26 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Today Al Jackson (3-8 / 4.73 ERA) would pitch the first one hitter in Mets history. In the top of the first, he retired lead off man Bob Lillis & then surrendered a single to second baseman; Joe Amalfitano. With two out, Jackson walked Norm Larker putting two men on. He then struck out Carl Warwick to end the threat.

Jackson would not allow another hit in the entire game & would surrender just one more walk. He struck out nine Houston Colts on the day, on his way to his fourth win, a historic one hit shutout. Through 2013 the Mets would have 38 one hitters credited to team history.

The Mets leadoff hitter; Richie Ashburn started out the Mets first with a solo HR off Turk Farrell. Ashburn would be the Mets first hitter to bat .300 in a season & would hit seven HRs on the year.

Richie Ashburn
In the home 6th, Ashburn would lead off the inning with a walk & get moved over to second on a Charlie Neal sacrifice. Felix Mantilla followed with a single bringing in Ashburn with the second & final Mets run in the 2-0 win.

The Mets would get romped in the second game of the days double header, taking a 16-3 loss.

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lanzarishi said...

Sometimes fate can be very cruel. After all he contributed to the original Mets and thru the 60s, it is a an absolute shame that Al was traded before the 'miracle' year finished. He should have been there and at least he was rostered in April of '69.
Thanks for your wonderful website!