Jan 23, 2016

YES pedes!!!! Yoenis Cespedes Signs Deal With Mets

YesPedes!! centerfieldmaz has wanted this all along..........The New York Mets & Yoenis Cespedes have come to terms on a three year $75 million deal bringing the star slugger back to New York.

The deal gives Cespedes $25 million a year which is the highest single season contract given to any player this off season. Although he took less years than he originally wanted he not only got that $25 mil. a year but an option to opt out after the first year as well as a no trade clause.

Cespedes in the middle of the Mets line up means so much, his arm & speed in center field is just as important. The Mets are now the true favorite in the National League East & will certainly be right up there defending their NL Championship Title.

With that pitching staff, Cespedes back & Mike Piazza going to the Hall of fame its once again a great time to be a Mets fan!!!

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