Jan 30, 2010

Remembering Long Time Shea Stadium Organist: Jane Jarvis (1964-1979)

Long time Shea organist Jane Jarvis passed away this week at the Lillian Booth Actors’ Home in Englewood, N.J. she was 94.
Jarvis was born October 31st, 1915 in Indiana. She was a jazz pianist and began playing in Chicago & Milwaukee nightclubs, radio stations & television shows in the 1950's. She was approached by the Milwaukee Braves to play organ at County Stadium which she did for the next eight years.
She moved to New York and got the job at the new Shea Stadium in 1964. She will always be remembered at Shea for playing an alternate theme song, "Let's Go Mets", as the team took the field before every game. She also made famous her renditions of the Mexican Hat Dance during the seventh-inning stretch. Jarvis became a Shea classic, and would play the organ through the 1979 season. The Mets never replaced her.
On top of her Shea job, she worked for Muzak since 1963 as a clerk, then a programmer. She also worked the West Village jazz scene in the 1980's and made her own album. Jarvis lived on the Upper East Side until 2008 when her building suffered damage due to the giant crane collapse.


matt said...

The Mets never replaced her.

--and they never will. Nice tribute, Maz. Mexican hats off.

Anonymous said...

I have memories of hearing her play "Light My Fire" at some point!