Oct 14, 2009

1969 World Series Game #4: Tom Terrific, Swoboda's Catch & J.C. Martins Bunt

October 15th 1969- World Series Game #4: Shea was rocking again as another Amazing victory was in store for the Mets. In a rematch of Game one, Cy Young winner Tom Seaver got the call vs. Baltimore's Mike Cueller.

Seaver was sensational pitching 10 innings, allowing only one run on six hits, walking two & striking out six. He got some help from a guy who was considered a below average outfielder, right fielder Ron Swoboda. Swoboda etched himself as another hero in Mets history in the ninth inning.
Seaver was beginning to tire, when the O's got two singles from Boog Powell & Frank Robinson. With unners on first & third Hodges came to the mound but chose to stick with his ace, Seaver. Brooks Robinson then hit a smash toward right center that Swoboda raced for. He ran as far as he could, stretched, and made a diving backhanded catch. He looked in his glove, and there was the ball. The crowd roared, although Frank Robinson tagged and scored the tying run. There is no doubt that Swoboda's grab prevented the go-ahead run from being scored. Seaver got the final out, tied 1-1.
The Mets got their run back in the 2nd inning when Don Clendenon hit his second HR of the Series. He would go on to win the MVP award. Ron Swoboda had a good day at the plate getting three hits. Jerry Grote also hitting well in the Series led off the 10th with a double off reliever Pete Richert. Al Weis was walked intentionally to get to the pitchers spot. Gil Hodges put in pinch runner Rod Gaspar at second, and called on back up catcher J.C. Martin, to pinch hit for Seaver. Martin got the bunt sign, and bunted perfectly to the mound. Richert chose to field it, instead of letting catcher Elrod Hendricks handle it. His throw to first hit Martin in the arm and ricocheted into right field, allowing Gaspar to score the winning run.

After the game the Orioles protested that Martin was running inside the baseline, which could have resulted in interference. The umpires said they didn’t make the call because they felt Martin didn’t intentionally interfere with the play. Another miracle at Shea.

It was before the Series during an interview when the cocky Frank Robinson said he heard enough about the Mets hype, who the hell in Ron Gasper anyway. He sure knew that it was Rod Gaspar, not Ron, as he crossed the plate with the winning run, didn't ya hank.

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Jim T said...

I was thrilled to see the 69 Mets games on MLB network this morning, I was 13 all my life in the Bronx when in 1970 relocated to the Midwest.

I missed Swoboda's miracle catch in Game 4. Does anyone have a video clip of that? I checked youtube...