Sep 17, 2009

Today In Mets History: 2006- Mets Clinch Eastern Division

September 18, 2006: 47,000 fans on hand at Shea Stadium to watch the Mets clinch their 1st Eastern Title since 1988. There had been two wild card births but this was special, finally another Divisional Title. The 2006 Mets were real good and ended the season one game shy of the World Series. In 2006 the Mets took over first place on April 6th, never letting go & finished up 12 games ahead of the Phillies.

Few remember it was Steve Trachsel who earned the win that night over Florida's Brad Moehler, in the Mets 4-0 shutout victory. Trachsel who at the time was the longest tenured Met, went into the 7th inning not giving up any runs, allowing only three hits, walking only one & striking out three. Mota & Heilman led the way to Billy Wagner who closed it out in the 9th inning. Josh Willingham flew out to Clifford Floyd for the final out & the Mets celebrated in victory.

Few also remember that it was Jose Valentin who homered twice on the night & drove in three of the four runs, who was the offensive hero that evening. In 2006 the 36 year old Valentin was the Mets primary second baseman hitting 18 HRs with 24 doubles, 62 RBIs & a .271 batting average.

In the clubhouse & on the field the Mets celebrated the way teams do in these times, a bit to premature for oldertimers like myself, but thats the way it is. Cigars were smoked, & champagne was flying as the players wore goggles to protect their eyes.

Another ritual centerfield maz don't get? Be a man get some bubbly in your eyes!!!!!

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DyHrdMET said...

that was a fun night. i remember the Valentin homers and Trachsel's start. they were on the field, spraying champagne for a long time after the game ended. such a buzz during BP.

i posed a video and a couple of pics on RememberingShea.