Jul 23, 2009

Today In Mets History: 1969- Tommie Agee Steals Home in the 10th Inning

July 24, 1970: The L.A. Dodgers came in for a weekend Series, both teams were playing well in second place. An almost sellout crowd of 54,000 weren’t disappointed as Jerry Koosman & Bill Singer both put in strong nine inning, one run performances. Tug McGraw came on to pitch a perfect 10th as the Mets entered the bottom of the frame with only five hits on the night.

Jim Brewer came in to pitch for L.A. in what would be a wild inning. Tug McGraw led off the inning with a single, Tommie Agee attempted to bunt him over. Brewer threw to second, and McGraw was safe as short stop Billy Grabarkewitz dropped the ball. Al Weis came into run for McGraw, but got picked off of second. Tommie Agee was pesky, he stole second & then advanced to third on a wild pitch. Brewer struck out Harrelson for out number two. Ken Singleton walked & Donn Clendenon pinch hit for Mike Jorgenson and walked to load them up. In a bold move, the pesky Agee broke for home as Brewer went into the wind up. He surprised everyone in the ballpark sliding safely under catcher Jeff Torborg’s tag for the game winner. The umpire signaled safe as he fell over Torborg and Cleon Jones the batter. Now that’s a 2-1 win, thanks to good base running.


Anonymous said...

A-G! A-G!

Bob said...

Thanks for the highly detailed information. I saw the game on TV in New Haven, Conn, when I was 10 years old and remember how intense that last inning was. One of the best moments in sports ever ! Unforgettable. It's no wonder they were called 'The Amazing Mets' that year.

Jim Freund said...

I was 11 years old and it was my first baseball game. We were sitting up at the top of the stadium and I thought it was going to collapse from the noise. What a night. Jim Branford, ct